New York Times Crossword Answers April 17, 2024

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Author: Joseph Gangi
Editor: Joel Fagliano


Groups of plants FLORAS
Mental ___ MATH
Escape vessel POD
Bottom floor of a 46-Across, perhaps LEVELA
Farmland measure ACRE
"We ___ arrant knaves, all": Hamlet ARE
Banded gemstones AGATES
Cry after a poke ICANTSEE
Cave dweller of Greek myth POLYPHEMUS
Cool, '90s-style PHAT
Old Testament queendom SHEBA
Had a meal ATE
Valuable property ASSET
Prospector's locale of the late 1800s ALASKA
Some Google search results URLS
Styled after ALA
Put on DON
Journey such as the one where 20-Across appears ODYSSEY
Pro wrestler ___ Luger LEX
Copy APE
Chess "castle" ROOK
Spot to park GARAGE
Enter a busy freeway MERGE
Navy vessel letters USS
Dreyer's, on the East Coast EDYS
Bash for laughs ROAST
"Pronto!" ASAP
Face-to-face, as an exam ORAL
-Across, by another name THECYCLOPS
Took the long way home, say WANDERED
How Jenga blocks are placed, hopefully STABLY
Coda, e.g. END
Unadulterated PURE
Wrap for a monarch? COCOON
D.C.'s B and A: Abbr. STS
"Well put!" AMEN
Feature of 20-Across … and, when sounded out, a feature of today's puzzle (clues and all!) ONEEYE


Try to fly FLAP
Noted brand from Denmark LEGO
Watermelon-shaped OVAL
Corrects, as keystrokes RETYPES
Beth preceder ALEPH
Skater Cohen SASHA
Hurt badly MAIM
They may take the stand ACCUSERS
Flotsam and jetsam TRASH
Egg producer HEN
Potluck staple PASTASALAD
Stackable snack OREO
Profound DEEP
Keep ___ on (watch closely) TABS
H, to Homer ETA
Course that's a breeze EASYA
Oft-contracted address MADAM
Eschew the pews, say ELOPE
Performed some weekend tasks RANERRANDS
Mastodon features TUSKS
Mournful poem ELEGY
Takes a toll on TAXES
Land separated at the 38th parallel KOREA
Trouble ADO
Relay race part LEG
"Psst, hey!" YOUTHERE
Swap out REPLACE
Quest for some athletes GOLD
Egg ___ SAC
Play, as a ukulele STRUM
Food products wholesaler SYSCO
Follow, as a lead ACTON
Doesn't have enough OWES
Go on and on RANT
OK place to be naked, once EDEN
Orchestra part OBOE
Sneaky maneuver PLOY
"Auld Lang ___" SYNE
Lead regulator, for short EPA
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