New York Times Crossword Answers August 07, 2022

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Author: Tina Labadie
Editor: Will Shortz


Homes that may have butlers MANORS
Singer Dylan of the Wallflowers JAKOB
Supporting beams JOISTS
Bear or boar ANIMAL
Bees, e.g. SOCIALS
Gleaming AGLARE
The "C" of AMC Theatres CINEMA
The whole package, colloquially ALLTHAT
Sevastopol is its largest city CRIMEA
Visitor to a website, in analytics lingo UNIQUEUSER
"Time ___ …" WAS
Concedes GRANTS
Santa ___, Calif. CRUZ
m, to Einstein MASS
B.C. neighbor: Abbr. IDA
Think creatively IDEATE
XL or 11C SIZE
Beer named for a founding father SAMADAMS
W-2, for one FORM
W.W. I helmet, informally TINHAT
Will Smith sci-fi film IROBOT
D.S.T. starting time … or a hint to 42-Across TWOAM
Weightlessness … or a hint to 118-Across ZEROG
___ Compton, first woman to cover the White House for a TV network ANN
Rating unit STAR
Libya's Gulf of ___ SIDRA
Reporter's credit BYLINE
TV tavern MOES
Mimic APER
"Royal" bird TERN
Top credit rating … or a hint to 25-Across TRIPLEA
rd in a series … or a hint to 27-Across DOUBLEU
Trust in RELYON
Fails to be ISNT
Google ___ MAPS
Holds in high regard EXALTS
Old lab burners ETNAS
Water bird with a haunting call LOON
Bit of HI gear? LEI
Cops … or a hint to 115-Across FIVEO
Club for farm kids … or a hint to 97-Across FOURH
Pouch on a string TEABAG
Game with L- and T-shaped pieces TETRIS
Locale for a West Coast wine tour NAPA
Secretive HUSHHUSH
R&R settings SPAS
Crystal-clear LIMPID
"O, ___ fortune's fool!": Romeo IAM
Singer King with the 2014 hit "Ex's & Oh's" ELLE
Body feature of a mammoth HUMP
Holy ___ TERROR
It might be taken to the airport CAB
Spelling aid? VOODOODOLL
Baseball announcer's call on a home run OINOINONE
Nigerian city of 3.5+ million IBADAN
Set on the ground LAYDOWN
"Jeopardy!" fodder TRIVIA
This evenin' TONITE
Video call glitch TIMELAG
"I kid you not!" HONEST
Like the Xbox One X vis-à-vis the Xbox One NEWER
Makes some Z's SNORES


Colorful parrot MACAW
Santa ___ ANITA
Jazz singer born Eunice Kathleen Waymon NINASIMONE
Warning sign OMEN
Commercial follower of "-o-" RAMA
A-game or b-ball, e.g. SLANG
The "you" of the song lyric "I'm begging of you, please don't take my man" JOLENE
Part of the knee, for short ACL
D.I.Y. buy KIT
"Magnum, P.I." setting OAHU
Sauvignon ___ BLANC
Where one might turn on the jets JACUZZI
D&D monster OGRE
Pelvis bone ILIUM
Gregor ___, Kafka protagonist SAMSA
Some genealogical work TREES
Pioneering mail-order company SEARS
Introductory courses SALADS
Mixes together STIRS
Not looking good GRIM
First couple of the early 1910s TAFTS
"Shut your trap!" STOWIT
Apply with a Q-tip, say DAB
Kerfuffles ADOS
Wore down ERODED
RNA polymerase, e.g. ENZYME
Thailand, once SIAM
River through Tuscany ARNO
Bone filler MARROW
#2 on a table HELIUM
Bone-dry ARID
A great deal TONS
How-to go-to MANUAL
Obtain GET
YouTube or Gmail APP
"Phew!" feeling RELIEF
They're filled with X's BALLOTS
Engraving instrument STYLET
Lean against RESTON
Whirlybird whirlers ROTORS
Like some plants and physicals ANNUAL
Personal story, informally BIO
One calling a "T" REF
Turnoff EXIT
Wash up LAVE
Certain fossil preserve TARPIT
The art of music? ALBUMCOVER
Vegetables that make a fitting addition to alphabet soup? PEAS
[Oh, well] SIGH
"Tsk, tsk!" SHAME
Classic soda brand NEHI
"Oh, I see!" AHA
Small-screen entertainers? IPHONES
Ibn ___ (former Mideast king) SAUD
Responsibility of a personnel director HIRING
Japanese noodle UDON
Young salmon SMOLT
Like hawks PROWAR
Hit 1979 musical in which a character's mistress is one of the main roles EVITA
University of New Mexico team LOBOS
Bank deals LOANS
___ Vedder, lead singer of Pearl Jam EDDIE
Garden-variety PLAIN
Some I.R.A.s ROTHS
Licoricelike flavor ANISE
Rap producers make them BEATS
The "O's" of Cheerios OATS
Old ___, Conn. LYME
Spinach is rich in it IRON
El ___ NINO
Drop o' the mornin' DEW
Cheer to a matador OLE
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