New York Times Crossword Answers February 19, 2021

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Author: Amanda Rafkin
Editor: Will Shortz


Leading lady? ALPHAFEMALE
Depiction on the Australian coat of arms EMU
Popular orders at beachside bars BAHAMAMAMAS
U-Haul option VAN
Comment before indulging ICANTRESIST
Some theft targets IDS
Protrusions near a trunk, maybe TUSKS
Sticks RODS
Whizzed (by) FLEW
Word sometimes substituted for "your" ONES
Killing a mockingbird is one, per Atticus Finch SIN
Prepare for court, in a way ENROBE
Tamagotchi, once FAD
Modern lead-in to speak LOL
Park ranger's handout AREAMAP
Stayed out of sight LAYLOW
Bouquet SCENT
Palindrome with an apostrophe in the middle MAAM
Contents of some wells INK
Sleeveless top, informally TANK
Approached quickly RANTO
Complete set in musical comedy? VOWELS
Psych up ENTHUSE
Bill that's half a 52-Across, informally ABE
___ Short, pioneer in West Coast hip-hop TOO
Reroute DIVERT
The sun or the moon ORB
Ganja HERB
Whizzed (by) SPED
"The Virtue of Selfishness" essayist, 1964 RAND
Pal of Seinfeld and Costanza BENES
See 41-Across TEN
Stir ADO
Helen of Troy, e.g. DEMIGODDESS
Some reference works in newsrooms STYLEGUIDES


Not very much ABITOF
Missing portion of a manuscript LACUNA
Gradually stopped, with "out" PHASED
Hair pieces HANKS
Qts. and pts. AMTS
Way out FAR
Onetime Food Network show featuring Creole and Cajun cuisine EMERILLIVE
Kind of jar MASON
"Go placidly ___ the noise and the haste …" (start of Max Ehrmann's "Desiderata") AMID
Louise of TV's "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" LASSER
Ballpark fig. EST
It's a bad sign EVILOMEN
Raked in the dough MADEBANK
Messy, as a floor UNSWEPT
___ protein SOY
Parent company of Gerber and Lean Cuisine NESTLE
Dorothy of old "Road" films LAMOUR
, for many AWKWARDAGE
Shaped, as wood LATHED
Singer/songwriter of 1980's "Kiss Kiss Kiss" ONO
Popular salon option, informally MANIPEDI
Toxin that might contain formic acid ANTVENOM
Symbol associated with Communism REDSTAR
Go out EBB
Houston or Washington vis-à-vis Manhattan STREET
Tightened (up) TENSED
Threatening words ORELSE
Hyperfocus OBSESS
Buck ___, Major League Baseball's first Black coach ONEIL
Gardner of "S.N.L." HEIDI
General assembly? ARMY
R&B singer Erykah BADU
Burnable items CDS
Burnable item LOG
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