New York Times Crossword Answers June 10, 2020

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Author: Amanda Rafkin and Ross Trudeau
Editor: Will Shortz


Gray, say DRAB
Raise on a farm GROW
Parts of radios TUNERS
Dubliner's land EIRE
Dog in "Finding Neverland" NANA
Second-in-charge, as at a restaurant ASSISTANTMANAGER
"The ___ Erwin Show" (1950s sitcom) STU
Watson of "Beauty and the Beast" EMMA
Revered emblem TOTEM
Blackens with goo TARS
California setting for "Hannah Montana" MALIBU
End of a proof, for short QED
Boundary marking the limits of a black hole EVENTHORIZON
Salt Lake City collegian UTE
Tuna type AHI
Fort ___ (gold depository) KNOX
Carpe ___ (seize the day) DIEM
Director of the horror films "Cabin Fever" and "Hostel" ELIROTH
Comedian Martin DEMETRI
Miner's big find LODE
President who was formerly Theodore Roosevelt's secretary of war TAFT
Campaigned RAN
Texter's guffaw LOL
Toss the pigskin perfectly THROWASPIRAL
Offshoot of punk EMO
Knockoffs, informally REPROS
Baby's first word, maybe MAMA
Like pistachios and lemons OVOID
Peace Nobelist Wiesel ELIE
-Down for an air gun BBS
Classic comics rallying cry … or a hint to 18-, 30- and 49-Across AVENGERSASSEMBLE
Politician Buttigieg PETE
Joel or Ethan of the film world COEN
Jail, in slang COOLER
"Leave it to the ___" PROS
It bends when you sit KNEE
Must have NEEDS


One little bite ATASTE
Holst who composed "The Planets" GUSTAV
Cover, as a car INSURE
Hula hoop? LEI
Triage sites, for short ERS
Monarchy for over a thousand years DENMARK
Treatment for A.D.H.D. RITALIN
Partner of Hammer in the supermarket ARM
Vocal percussionists BEATBOXERS
One creating a little buzz at an outdoor party GNAT
Angrily abandon a video game RAGEQUIT
Approximately 39 inches ONEMETER
"The most successful ___ seldom pays for its losses": Thomas Jefferson WAR
Part of an office bldg. address STE
See 61-Across AMMO
Follower of "the," often NOUN
Preppy clothing brand IZOD
Prefix with god or john DEMI
However, in brief THO
Rise from bed … or drop to one's stomach HITTHEDECK
Jeans material DENIM
Her, to Henri ELLE
Affect in a distant, menacing way LOOMOVER
"Sure, my pleasure!" IDLOVETO
Instrument with a soundbox HARP
Election night graphic MAP
Anticipate FORESEE
Like most roads TWOLANE
Subject in which sin is an important topic? TRIG
It means "no returns allowed" ASIS
Group wielding pitchforks, say RABBLE
Strolled AMBLED
Things shooting from a sci-fi monster's eyes LASERS
White bills in Monopoly ONES
Key to get out? ESC
Tinder or Venmo APP
Harry Potter's best friend RON
Long stretch EON
A Stooge MOE
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