New York Times Crossword Answers May 08, 2022

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Author: Matthew Stock and Chandi Deitmer
Editor: Will Shortz


Some old PCs IBMS
Experience financial ruin GOBUST
Many files in a Downloads folder PDFS
Talk ___ SHOP
s sitcom starring Tia and Tamera Mowry SISTERSISTER
Beethoven's "Ah! perfido," for one ARIA
Southwest people known for their dry farming HOPI
Grand Prix city MONACOMONACO
Fulminate RANT
Portent OMEN
Start a web session LOGON
Tribute HOMAGE
Many zoomers TEENS
Gush (over) FAWN
Red lightsaber wielder SITH
Singular praise KUDO
___ Xtra (soft drink) PIBB
Soul: Sp. ALMA
Make it so there's snow way out? ICEIN
hit for the Kingsmen LOUIELOUIE
It gets the show on the road TOURBUS
Nothing but a number, it's said AGE
Call from an old-time paperboy EXTRAEXTRA
Essayist Susan SONTAG
Attraction, so to speak, with "the" HOTS
Org. often impersonated by phone scammers IRS
Time for a visit from Ong Tao, the "Kitchen God" TET
Slip up ERR
Yellowstone sight ELK
[Gulp!] OHNO
House of Commons reps MPS
___ gratia (in all kindness: Lat.) BONA
Rush order ASAP
Like some questions YESNO
Romanov V.I.P., once TSAR
Charlotte N.B.A. player HORNET
"… you get the point" ETCETERAETCETERA
"Well, lookie here!" SURPRISESURPRISE
Quaint exclamation of dismay CRIKEY
Fee payer, often USER
Thin pancakes in Indian cuisine DOSAS
Laborer of old SERF
Dan of "Schitt's Creek" LEVY
To the ___ power NTH
Time for March madness? IDES
Ultimate fighting inits. MMA
Certain summer baby LEO
"There you ___!" ARE
Big tower, for short? AAA
Years and years AEON
Sings, in a way NAMESNAMES
When you should leave, for short ETD
Piece of roller derby equipment KNEEPAD
Classic joke start KNOCKKNOCK
High five at the Olympics? RINGS
Unchanged ASIS
Yea or nay VOTE
Power source FUEL
Barfly's flier DART
Added to a thread, say CCED
El ___ of the Spanish Renaissance GRECO
"Amscray!" GOAWAY
Egomaniac's thought IRULE
Noted character with object-subject-verb syntax YODA
Dangerous part of a road on which to pass BEND
Tie down MOOR
Best Picture winner of 2012 ARGO
Basketball feat suggested by this puzzle's pairs of theme answers, informally DOUBLEDOUBLE
figs. SSNS
Love of languages? AMOR
Add (on) TACK


Philosophy ISM
H.S. class in the same department as chem BIO
Yahoo alternative MSN
Trusty to the end STALWART
Pirate's booze GROG
One way to learn OSMOSIS
Like the Six Million Dollar Man BIONIC
"Anchors Aweigh" grp. USN
Amtrak stop: Abbr. STA
Lab worker TECH
Logical conundrum PARADOX
Numismatic grade FINE
Plopped (down) SAT
Setting for many a diorama SHOEBOX
Shortcut missing from newer smartphones HOMEBUTTON
Affixes PINS
Subject of interest, in brief ECON
Chess piece whose name is derived from the Persian for "chariot" ROOK
Cocktails made with ginger beer, informally MULES
Pieces in the game Bananagrams TILES
Flights connect them FLOORS
All-encompassing Egyptian deity AMUNRA
Aromatic beverage TEA
Perch for the self-important HIGHHORSE
Gemstone cut named for a fruit PEAR
Baffled ATSEA
Very bright NEON
Eye piece IRIS
Nobelist Joliot-Curie IRENE
Really get to EATAT
Sweetie BAE
Weep in an unflattering way, in modern lingo UGLYCRY
Hold on to KEEP
Lunchtime estimate ONEISH
Computer shortcuts MACROS
Slices and dices, say PREPS
Scottish hillsides BRAES
Annoying PESKY
Walk with swagger STRUT
It might get swiped in a college dining hall STUDENTID
Football trophy name HEISMAN
Where some replacements take place, in brief ORS
Third column on a calendar: Abbr. TUE
Eaglet's hatching spot AERIE
Certain public transport TRAM
Sound from a jalopy CLANK
Played again RERAN
Words from an ex-lover IVEMOVEDON
Put down again RELAID
Origami steps FOLDS
Bread in Indian cuisine NAAN
One taking action DOER
Certain close relative APE
Invite out for ASKTO
s tennis star Huber ANKE
Off-kilter ASKEW
Green vehicles ECOCARS
Fried plantain dish of Puerto Rico MOFONGO
Country named for its geographic location ECUADOR
It makes you you DNA
Lobbyists' area in D.C. KSTREET
Radiator cover GRILLE
"Die Hard" squad, in brief LAPD
Miss ___, famed dial-a-psychic CLEO
Businesses that see an uptick after New Year's GYMS
Aussie hoppers ROOS
Kernel of an idea GERM
"Ouch, ouch, ouch!" YEOW
High style UPDO
Barnyard bleat BAA
"Mais ___!" ("But of course!") OUI
"Cyberchase" channel PBS
Org. whose members stay in their lanes PBA
Business name ender LLC
"Yipe!" EEK
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