New York Times Crossword Answers May 11, 2022

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Author: Michael Paleos
Editor: Will Shortz


Drops the ball big-time BLOWSIT
Home to about 60% of the world's population ASIA
One with a whistle … who sometimes 1-Across? REF
Soccer superstar Cristiano RONALDO
Sporty car roof option TTOP
Genre of Death Cab for Cutie EMO
Cold War jet MIG
Cover, as tasks SEETO
Connecticut Ivy Leaguer ELI
Willy Wonka prop CANE
Practically forever AEONS
Jim Beam competitor WILDTURKEY
Auction action BID
Thinks the world of ESTEEMS
Hard to swallow, in a way INEDIBLE
Shake a leg, in Shakespeare HIE
Chinese poultry dish marinated in wine DRUNKENCHICKEN
___-fi SCI
Residents of ancient Minos CRETANS
PC key ALT
Windy City rail system, in brief CTA
boxing film for which De Niro won Best Actor RAGINGBULL
Criticize harshly BLAST
"Couldn't agree more!" AMEN
Name, as a price ASK
___ bear KOALA
Flat refusals NOS
They're always ready for a good time … or a description of 18-, 25-, 35- and 49-Across? PARTYANIMALS
Tree creature of Middle-earth ENT
Brothers Grimm villain OGRE
Legislative bodies SENATES
Marx's "___ Kapital" DAS
Cherry or walnut WOOD
Recliner feature LEGREST


Remark from one having cold feet, perhaps BRR
Bit of unfinished business LOOSEEND
Cursory appraisal ONCEOVER
Pita pocket cuts, e.g. SLITS
Passport fig. IDNO
Dress (up), quaintly TOG
Island like Kiritimati ATOLL
Jazz piano style played by Fats Waller and Mary Lou Williams STRIDE
Siri's platform IOS
Copy APE
Fresh take on a classic, perhaps REMAKE
Slim Shady, by another name EMINEM
Some old-timers FOGEYS
Eric ___, 1980 Olympic speed skating gold medalist HEIDEN
Streaming sites? CREEKS
Cardinals' home, in stats ARI
Illusionist's skill WILE
Part of a casual layered look TSHIRT
College city in upstate New York UTICA
Blues legend with a guitar named Lucille BBKING
Hoffman who played Captain Hook DUSTIN
Early quinoa cultivator INCAN
Like chewable calcium, often CHALKY
Place for a concert or lecture HALL
Get really serious really quickly ESCALATE
Pitching statistic? NETSALES
Rode the bench SAT
Stretched to get a better look, say CRANED
___ Quimby, Beverly Cleary heroine RAMONA
Discharges EGESTS
Pizzeria chain SBARRO
Formal "you," in Spanish USTED
Sound of spring? BOING
Former L.A. Laker Odom LAMAR
Banjo spot, in song KNEE
"Right in the kisser!" POW
Fourth word in the "Star Wars" prologue AGO
Communication method in much of the 2021 film "CODA," for short ASL
Bygone Mach 1 breaker, in brief SST
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