New York Times Crossword Answers May 13, 2024

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Author: Jeremy Newton
Editor: Joel Fagliano


Long, drawn-out story SAGA
"OMG, hilarious!" LOL
What the circled square in this grid represents, in 18-Across CUP
Zig or zag TURN
Slangy greeting YODOG
"___ these seats taken?" ARE
Polish before publishing EDIT
A heckuva good time LOADSOFFUN
Popular pastime played with putters MINIGOLF
However, informally THO
Uncool person DORK
Miami's home FLORIDA
Selected CHOSE
Dance for high school seniors PROM
Belle of a ball, in brief DEB
Washable diaper material CLOTH
Small group of trees GROVE
Doctors' org. AMA
With 34- and 35-Across, something made by following the path of O's in this puzzle's grid HOLE
See 33-Across INONE
See 33-Across SHOT
Ending with skeptic or Surreal ISM
Halloween cookie shape GHOST
Addictive thing in one's pocket PHONE
Director Spike LEE
Home of the Colosseum ROME
Dentist's string FLOSS
"Highly recommend!," in slang ITSDOPE
___ vera gel ALOE
Have debts OWE
Country with the first 18-Across venue (for ladies only, 1867) SCOTLAND
Cut of meat that lent its name to a facial hairstyle MUTTONCHOP
Here, in Honduras AQUI
Cigar residue ASH
"Zero chance, pal!" NOHOW
Adorable CUTE
What the shaded square in this grid represents, in 18-Across TEE
Rescue, as a broken-down car TOW
Direction of the sunrise EAST


Throwaway part of a cherry STEM
German automaker AUDI
Smile from ear to ear GRIN
Remedy to counteract a poison ANTIDOTE
Sit around doing nothing LOAF
Bizarre ODD
Topic of a wistful breakup song LOSTLOVE
Half-___ (rhyming coffee order) CAF
Neighbor of Arg. and Braz. URU
Writing implement with ink PEN
Yellow part of an egg YOLK
Return to one's residence GOHOME
Passed-down stories LORE
Not opposing FOR
"Well, gee whiz!" GOSH
Where first class can be found on a plane FRONT
Some potatoes IDAHOS
Wicked spirits DEMONS
Lessen ABATE
Site for skeletons CLOSET
Fictional sleuth on Baker Street HOLMES
Plain writing PROSE
Dish with a fire-alarm rating system CHILI
Bearded garden figurine GNOME
"That would really stink" IHOPENOT
Part of a sneaker, but not a sandal SHOELACE
Become more tolerable to over time GROWON
Secretly plan PLOT
Box office bomb FLOP
Decimal point, e.g. DOT
Have ___ (freak out) ACOW
Something a binge watcher binges SHOW
Light blue shade AQUA
Pecans, pistachios, etc. NUTS
Try to lighten up? DIET
Yoga class accessory MAT
Deplete, with "up" USE
Starting word that's often skipped when alphabetizing THE
Stand-up comic Margaret CHO
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