New York Times Crossword Answers October 16, 2021

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Author: Caitlin Reid and Erik Agard
Editor: Will Shortz


It's said to have been born on Orange Street, in Kingston, Jamaica SKA
Big to-do STIR
Bright night lights NOVAS
Popular baby shower gift CRIB
"Sorry if you were offended," e.g. NONAPOLOGY
Pop music nickname RIRI
Catchphrase for Olivia Pope on "Scandal" ITSHANDLED
People also known as the Cat Nation ERIE
Wolf's home? CNN
"I could a tale unfold ___ lightest word / Would harrow up thy soul …": "Hamlet" WHOSE
Run one's eyes over SCAN
Water gait? WADE
Call near the end of a card game UNO
Squalor FILTH
Regional dog variety CONEY
Big award in French cinema PALMEDOR
Very bottom FLOOR
"No hard feelings?" AREWEGOOD
Better part of 1999? NINES
L.G.B.T.Q.I.A. follower PLUSSIGN
Certain swinger HINGE
Street in a James Baldwin title BEALE
Co. bigwig COO
Say the same thing as ECHO
Metalworker's union WELD
Unlikely to give a strong reaction INERT
For choice YEA
Spill FALL
Photographer's staff UNIPOD
"Wait, wait, don't tell me!" NOSPOILERS
Its anthem is "Terre de nos aïeux" TOGO
Having trouble making a call ONTHEFENCE
Did some P.R. work on SPUN
Undesirable bedmates? WEEDS
Common Christmas tree decoration STAR
Realize SEE


Eighth incarnation of Vishnu KRISHNA
Sit on a windowsill, say AIRCOOL
Babysitter's charge TOT
Showing uncritical enthusiasm RAHRAH
Discontinued OLD
One prone to blowing off steam VOLCANO
Like some nonbinary people AGENDER
State capital near Bondi Beach SYDNEY
Life lines? BIOS
Royal ___ PAIN
Steady partner? SLOW
Supply in a golf bag WOODS
Date sacred to Jupiter IDES
Converge (on) CLOSEIN
National fruit of the Philippines MANGO
Court infraction FOUL
Showy blossom in the iris family, for short GLAD
Treats that come in plastic tubes ICEPOPS
Fail to follow along GOROGUE
Still going NOTDONE
"That's uncalled for!" HEYNOW
Beauties BELLES
Victor Hugo's Cosette, e.g. WAIF
Tiny carps NITS
Opposing forces FOES
Part of UX USER
Utmost degree? PHD
Erstwhile camera and satellite maker for NASA RCA
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