Newsday Crossword Answers January 11, 2021

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Author: Brad Wilber, edited by Stanley Newman


Small rugs that say ”WELCOME” MATS
Formal party GALA
Black bird CROW
Rebound of a sound ECHO
Aroma ODOR
Question answered ”Yeah, you!” WHOME
Shy away from SHUN
Half a quart PINT
Repetitive behavior pattern HABIT
Little spiny mammals HEDGEHOGS
Gives off, as light EMITS
”By all means!” YES
Adolescent years TEENS
Moon’s surface depression CRATER
Coldness in the air CHILL
Dances at luaus HULAS
Very dry, as a desert ARID
Apiece EACH
Computer password creator USER
”Great minds think __” ALIKE
Woodwind instrument OBOE
Western flat-topped hill MESA
Judge’s garb ROBE
Spiteful, as a remark SNIDE
Specifies, as a person NAMES
Squandered WASTED
Easily fooled person PATSY
Droop SAG
With no more patience FEDUP
Noisy, crested parrots COCKATOOS
Soup-serving utensil LADLE
Storybook monster OGRE
Operatic solo ARIA
Huge body of water OCEAN
Narrow valley GLEN
Depend (on) RELY
Gets married WEDS
Uses needle and thread SEWS
__ and turn (sleep restlessly) TOSS


Netlike material MESH
Muscle soreness ACHE
Dull sound of a fall THUD
Ballad or carol SONG
Burrowing rodent GOPHER
Spanish farewell ADIOS
Taking quite a while LONG
__ and crafts ARTS
Color-changing lizards CHAMELEONS
Batman’s partner ROBIN
Leaves off a list OMITS
Moistens WETS
Bicycle tire WHEEL
What visors shade EYES
Sea’s rise and fall TIDE
Buddy CHUM
Sneaky scheme RUSE
Pub beverages ALES
Large hairy spiders TARANTULAS
Infant beds CRIBS
Trail walk HIKE
Lotion’s soothing ingredient ALOE
Slightly ABIT
Secret message CODE
Follow, as advice HEED
General’s fighting force ARMY
Legendary epic SAGA
Colorado ski resort ASPEN
Rouses from sleep WAKENS
End of hostilities PEACE
Totaled up ADDED
Fastener twisted into wood SCREW
Movement of a river FLOW
Gears with teeth COGS
Stare at OGLE
Small fruit pie TART
Creme-filled cookie OREO
Liquids for frying OILS
Utters SAYS
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