Newsday Crossword Answers July 23, 2021

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Author: Billie Truitt, edited by Stanley Newman


Tell what you shouldn’t BLAB
Court officials REFS
”Anyone there?” HELLO
Relax EASE
Per __ (how some tolls are charged) AXLE
Five-syllable refrain EIEIO
Bit of beguilement RUSE
Milker’s need PAIL
Odious one CREEP
Control tower concerns TRAFFICPATTERNS
Stable staple HAY
Book end LET
Subcontinental honorific SRI
Crichton sci-fi opus JURASSICPARK
Candidates for decoration HEROES
Incline somewhat TIP
Real scream RIOT
Leaps on ice AXELS
Hostile force FOE
Country singer Gill VINCE
Patch up HEAL
Structure with a spillway DAM
It might be on your wall ACRYLICPAINT
Suffix for legal ESE
”Ultimate” ender EST
Something simple, supposedly ABC
Protons and neutrons ATOMICPARTICLES
Obviously infuriated LIVID
”I Loves You, Porgy,” for one ARIA
Guilty party, to police PERP
Bowl too large for a kitchen ARENA
Have a preference LEAN
Subjective surrounding AURA
Wonkish NERDY
Brewer’s supply MALT
End of seven UN country names STAN


Space by the sea BERTH
Mom of Jenna and Barbara LAURA
Lab analysis ASSAY
Issue to gripe about BEEF
Slender swords RAPIERS
Combo bet EXACTA
Wig out FLIP
Name revered by Rastas SELASSIE
Feverish HECTIC
Cork’s locale EIRE
Look like a villain LEER
Debt securer LIEN
Lame apology substitute OOPS
Smoke conduits FLUES
Touch off, as an alarm TRIP
What Moore calls St. Nick JOLLY
Noisy dance STOMP
Publish PRINT
”If you done it, it __ bragging”: Whitman AINT
Almond __ (crunchy candy) ROCA
Veg-O-Matic seller KTEL
Delighted (or skeptical) reaction HAHA
Suit, for short EXEC
Antonym of ”vanguard” REAR
Unspoken expression of exasperation FACEPALM
Twenty, in Trentino VENTI
Pancake, essentially DISC
Far from friendly DISTANT
May 1, in Maui LEIDAY
Up above AERIAL
Traditional parka maker ALEUT
Yankee great with his own New Jersey museum BERRA
”Washington Journal” channel CSPAN
Name akin to Elaine ALAN
Ersatz swing TIRE
History OVER
Look after MIND
Province AREA
Summers found in the four longest answers CPAS
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