Newsday Crossword Answers October 06, 2021

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Author: Steve Faiella, edited by Stanley Newman


President Adams or Quincy Adams JOHN
Armed conflicts WARS
Touch down on the runway LAND
Where Cleveland is OHIO
Jai __ (fast-moving game) ALAI
”Off the grid” or ”on the ball” IDIOM
Rustic lodgings INNS
Clothes dryer fuzz LINT
Peninsula near Japan KOREA
Security guard’s incident-free statement NOTHINGTOREPORT
Convent resident NUN
Small salamander NEWT
WWII craft commanded by JFK PTBOAT
Sounded like a snake HISSED
Army truant: Abbr. AWOL
Passport stamps VISAS
Keogh plan kin IRA
A more desirable alternative SOMETHINGBETTER
Text alignment key TAB
Combine chemically REACT
Religious offshoot SECT
Aviator Earhart AMELIA
Has the radio on very loud BLASTS
Prefix meaning ”height” ACRO
Auto make from 19 Across KIA
Ring-shaped roll that has it all EVERYTHINGBAGEL
Battlefield doc MEDIC
Ink stain BLOT
Airport transportation TAXI
Erich who wrote ”Love Story” SEGAL
Scandinavian capital OSLO
Persian Gulf nation OMAN
Tennis great Sampras PETE
Ivy League school in Connecticut YALE
Viral video, for example MEME


Sign up for JOIN
Woeful cry OHNO
Slight suggestion HINT
Quick snack NOSH
Maple __ (ice cream flavor) WALNUT
True up, as tires ALIGN
Angry speech RANT
Use, as a chair SITON
”Same here!” LIKEWISE
Takes in, as a shelter cat ADOPTS
Actor Robert De __ NIRO
Busy person DOER
Surface for yoga MAT
__ manner of speaking INA
Get-well plan, for short REHAB
Potato alternative PASTA
Wee hr. TWOAM
Dome-shaped frozen dessert BOMBE
Hispanic cheer OLE
Spots to build on SITES
Standing tall ERECT
Common pub game DARTS
By way of VIA
End of many big co. names INC
Tot’s wheels TRICYCLE
Central, essential part HEART
Homeland Security org. TSA
Rodeo rope LARIAT
Certain nail polish target BIGTOE
Experimentation station LAB
”I can’t wait!” OHBOY
Small hill KNOLL
Pair in ”magnesium” EMS
#2 exec VEEP
Small advantage EDGE
Ingrid, in ”Casablanca” ILSA
Proton’s home ATOM
Willing to participate GAME
Reason for cramming EXAM
Poem’s brief excerpt LINE
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