Newsday Crossword Answers October 07, 2021

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Author: S.N., edited by Stanley Newman


Network with a running ticker CNBC
Something to sit down for MEAL
2021 Cooperstown inductee JETER
Logical flaw HOLE
”Toy Story” boy ANDY
One of Chekhov’s Three Sisters IRINA
Cameo stone OPAL
Informal instrumental ensembles KAZOOBANDS
They’re above the abs PECS
Change for the better EMEND
Intuitive, as a feeling GUT
Ol’ pal KIDDO
Large moon of Jupiter EUROPA
Focused on public policy, as ads ISSUEORIENTED
Peanut butter confectioner REESE
”. . . Cuckoo’s Nest” author KESEY
Inflight info ETA
Soprano’s pride, perhaps RANGE
Little trickster IMP
Karate offshoot TAEBO
Region by the Red Sea SINAI
Wok-prepared entrée CASHEWCHICKEN
Greek oracle locale DELPHI
Evil spells HEXES
Ocean State sch. URI
Tracking device RADAR
A/C buyer’s concern BTUS
Descriptor for the first part of the three other long answers SNEEZELIKE
Cardinal point EAST
Faint trace TINGE
Ferris wheel compartments CARS
Ferris wheel excursion RIDE
Committed to do SETON
Amuse immensely SLAY
Mimic a mouse GNAW


Blender setting CHOP
”You’re mistaken” NOPE
The Danube’s destination BLACKSEA
C as in temperatures CELSIUS
Improvise a solution MAKEDO
Fill with love ENAMOR
Wood-shaping tool ADZE
Interpol’s French headquarters LYON
Triangular sail JIB
Important span ERA
Petty tyrant TINGOD
Ultimately become ENDUP
Dreadlocks wearer RASTA
Port of Denmark ODENSE
Fiddle follower, two times DEE
Foe of the Navajo and Arapaho UTE
Marina del __, CA REY
Steamed feeling IRE
No longer changeable SET
”You’re telling me” IKNOW
Sleep study readout EEG
Bring back on staff REHIRE
Whom Prime Minister Suga succeeded (2020) ABE
Washday challenge INKSTAIN
Mortgage lender, in government names MAE
Brooch sticker PIN
Draw upon TAP
Shade of gray ASH
Caret’s key sharer SIX
Greens in many courses ICEBERG
Fee payer CLIENT
Power point in yoga CHAKRA
Ecclesiastical crime HERESY
Brushes (off) DUSTS
”Sesame Street” roommate ERNIE
Part of MLB’s postseason ALCS
Speed __ (smartphone feature) DIAL
Cheese inspection agcy. USDA
Simmer slowly STEW
Possible block to a compromise EGO
School of meditation ZEN
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