Newsday Crossword Answers October 20, 2021

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Author: Winston Emmons, edited by Stanley Newman


Sphere, to poets ORB
Fuel in the tank GAS
Half a diameter RADIUS
One-on-one combat DUEL
Sound booster, for short AMP
Nevertheless EVENSO
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Director Spike LEE
Artistic styles GENRES
Candid dialogue FRANKEXCHANGE
Verizon or Sprint, in brief TELCO
End of a Web non-profit’s address ORG
Candid dialogue HONESTDEBATE
In the manner of ALA
Colleague of Byron and Shelley KEATS
Goliath’s adversary DAVID
Going out on a __ LIMB
Long curtain DRAPE
Cairo’s river NILE
Remote in manner ALOOF
Stash of treasure TROVE
Any of a DC 100 SEN
Candid monologue STRAIGHTTALK
Originally named NEE
Bulgaria’s capital SOFIA
Candid monologue PLAINSPEAKING
Big ingredient for an Australian omelet EMUEGG
Shear (off) LOP
Ye __ Tea Shoppe OLDE
Burrito relative TAMALE
Pub beverage ALE
’70s Israeli leader MEIR
Penny’s coating COPPER
Tip of a slipper TOE
Praiseful verse ODE


Unconventional OUTRE
Of the kidneys RENAL
Become pale BLANCH
High wind GALE
MasterCard rival AMEX
Blueprint detail SPEC
Look upon REGARD
Got even for AVENGED
Successor of 61 Down DENG
Concerning INRE
Deploy USE
Plea from the sea SOS
Highly skillful DEFT
Eccentric one KOOK
Popular nightclub HOTSPOT
”The Simpsons” neighbor NED
Made of baked clay EARTHEN
Prohibit by law BAN
Hertz competitor AVIS
Ceramic flooring TILE
Adam’s first home EDEN
”Regrettably . . .” ALAS
Happy tune LILT
Love, in Spain AMOR
Squeezing snake BOA
Actress Longoria EVA
Obtain by trickery FINAGLE
”Frozen” queen ELSA
Whom a radiation ”counter” is named for GEIGER
Indiana city KOKOMO
Submitted tax forms FILED
Non-studio film INDIE
Ending for teen AGER
Dispenser for 4 Across PUMP
Jump (over) LEAP
Park bench plank SLAT
Casual shirt POLO
Fencing sword EPEE
And so forth, for short ETC
Chinese leader met by Nixon MAO
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