Newsday Crossword Answers October 22, 2021

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Author: S.N., edited by Stanley Newman


”Prince Lestat” author RICE
Renders imperfect, perhaps MARS
Swarm around MOB
Legendary storyteller AESOP
Bestriding ATOP
Draft designation IPA
8,577 miles nonstop DALLASTOSYDNEY
Copland ballet that includes ”Hoe-Down” RODEO
Expression of surprise OHMY
Smoke detector output IONS
Bart and Maggie’s grandpa ABE
Power for some grills GAS
Most unenviable WORST
8,221 miles nonstop TORONTOTOMANILA
Quick buzzer BEE
Egret cousin IBIS
Small squirt TOT
Whole bunch (of) MESS
The head honcho MRBIG
Data measure BYTE
Comics sound of distress ACK
One-on-one sport EPEE
Contemplation exclamation HMM
7,939 miles nonstop HOUSTONTOTAIPEI
Large library book ATLAS
One-named R&B vocalist MYA
Purely ALL
What’s called in Congress ROLL
What cafe servers provide WIFI
ZZZQuil alternative NYTOL
9,032 miles nonstop AUCKLANDTODOHA
FDR’s price control agency NRA
River near Stonehenge AVON
It might say ”CAKE BOSS” APRON
53 Across offerer ISP
Disclaim DENY
Ritzy retail chain SAKS


Audiobook voice READER
Spot in the sea ISLE
Cathedral city on the Rhine COLOGNE
UV Index monitor EPA
High school department MATH
Source of 20 Across ATOM
Looking up ROSY
Observe on the sly SPY
Childhood MINORITY
Position to be filled OPENSLOT
Massachusetts nickname BAYSTATE
Mexican marinade ADOBO
Less than great SOSO
”Titanic” theme singer DION
Habitué, so to speak RAT
”Back to speed,” on a score ATEMPO
Consisted of WAS
OED ”long ago” tag OBS
World’s highest region TIBET
Broad band in East Asia OBI
Of superior strength MIGHTY
Hindi for ”great queen” MAHARANI
Green vacations ECOTOURS
Pope’s topper SKULLCAP
__ Faire REN
Song licensing org. BMI
Rescuers in an ’82 Spielberg film ETS
Rustic couple MAANDPA
MD in 1955 headlines SALK
Don’t use OMIT
Compassionate sentiment PATHOS
Web mortgage broker ELOAN
It’s not good ILL
Offshore ride WAVE
A party to INON
Letters on Big Apple’s Bravest hats FDNY
Part of 55 Down YORK
Young man LAD
DC-based alliance OAS
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