Newsday Crossword Answers October 23, 2021

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Author: Greg Johnson, edited by Stanley Newman


Went off with a bang BLEWUP
Drove home STRESSED
Update, say REVISE
Trattoria’s tiny toast CROSTINI
They’re made for correction AMENDS
Balloonists’ devices RIPCORDS
No longer available GONE
Break in the action TRUCE
Cheat in a kid’s game PEEK
Potentially offensive UNPC
Husky’s opposite LANKY
What certain drops are MEDS
Stand-in for absentees ETAL
Vatican, to geographers ENCLAVE
Return to your base TAGUP
Decoration candidate HERO
Construction site carrier HOD
Above-center piano key TREBLEC
Serving in a paper cup SNOCONE
Comic Con costumes ETS
First Prophet of Islam ADAM
Master of psychological drama MAMET
Embodiment of nonappreciation INGRATE
World’s largest brickmaker LEGO
Text with your phone PING
Woody source of wines ELDER
Slavic Johannes IVAN
By and by ANON
Big name on cake boxes HINES
Carbs around fillings PITA
Solemn assurance IPROMISE
Slam dunks a challenge ACESIT
Log-shaped desserts NUTROLLS
Fare well THRIVE
Points to the sky STEEPLES
Added relish to ZESTED


French zipper (no, not a minor boast) BRAGUETTE
Wedge-shaped dessert LEMONTART
They tell only half the story EVENPAGES
NPR brand extension WINECLUB
What about .75 GBP can buy USD
Word from the Latin for ”crush” PESTLE
Walk-on-gravel sound SCRUNCH
Slow flows TRICKLES
Hammock-mending material ROPEYARN
Key to getting out ESC
Jokester’s preamble STOPME
Emphatic ending SIREE
Wound up ENDED
Inedible chips, frequently DISKS
Oversaw RAN
Racing engine sound VOOM
Get ready for work PLAN
Outpatient perk HOMEVISIT
Uncommon bank deposit ONEGATIVE
Went off with a bang DETONATED
Escarpment site of an English Civil War battle EDGEHILL
Six-decade game show panelist in ”A Night at the Opera” CARLISLE
Two-legged tools CALIPERS
”Much __ is divinest Sense”: Dickinson MADNESS
Brush off IGNORE
Night’s end TEE
Simulated ERSATZ
Considerable effort PAINS
Cable router connection INPUT
Punto cardinal NORTE
Water mover/remover MOP
Nickname that’s Argentine for ”Dude!” CHE
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