Not just any Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: Not just any

Solution: THE

THE Definition 1:
used to indicate a person or thing that has already been mentioned or seen or is clearly understood from the situation .
He bought a house, but this is not the house he bought.
This is the restaurant I was telling you about.
I’ll take the red one.
Put the cat outside.
The teacher gave a quiz.
She’s the boss.
I am telling the truth.
What is the matter/problem?
I’m no fool; you’re the fool for believing him.
THE Definition 2:
used to refer to things or people that are common in daily life .
We talked on the telephone for an hour.
Turn on the television.
She opened the windows.
You need to go to the doctor.
He said he put the letter in the mail yesterday.
My suit is still at the dry cleaner.
THE Definition 3:
used to refer to things that occur in nature .
The sky is getting dark.
A strong wind was blowing from the east.
The planets revolve around the sun.
Our daughter has the flu.
They talked for a while about the weather.
THE Definition 4:
used to refer to a particular unit or period of time .
She is out of the office at the moment.
The time has come for us to make peace.
It is the best movie of the year.
We are usually not home during the day.
During the winter
In the future/past/present
The style was popular during the 1980s.
THE Definition 5:
used to indicate the day on which something happened or will happen .
He left five days later, on the Sunday. [=(US) on Sunday]
THE Definition 6:
used before the name of a specific person, place, event, work of art, etc. .
the President of the United States of America
the White House
the New York Yankees
the Department of Transportation
the Mississippi River
the American Civil War
the Renaissance
the Mona Lisa
the Bible
THE Definition 7:
used to indicate which person or thing you are referring to or discussing .
She gave the correct answer.
He is competing against the best of the best.
the fastest runner
I took the last piece of pizza.
I never have the time to read.
He doesn’t have the patience to paint the house.
the English language
the poet William Wordsworth
the right to vote
the London of Victorian times
He plays the hero of the play.
She is from the west coast of Africa.
the beginning/arrival of spring
the announcement of his candidacy
THE Definition 8:
used in titles after a person’s name .
Alexander the Great
Elizabeth the Second
Jack the Ripper
William the Conqueror
THE Definition 9:
used before an ordinal number .
This is the first time he has been late.
Payment is due on the fifth of each month.
Friday the 13th
the Fourth of July
THE Definition 10:
used before a singular noun to refer in a general way to people or things of a particular kind .
This book gives some useful tips for the beginner. [=for beginners]
The cobra is a poisonous snake. [=cobras are poisonous snakes]
THE Definition 11:
used to indicate the type of musical instrument someone plays .
She plays the guitar.
THE Definition 12:
used before an adjective that is being used as a noun to refer to all of the people or things that have a particular quality .
the rich
the homeless
the British
the living and the dead
THE Definition 13:
used before a plural noun to indicate that every person or thing of the kind specified is included .
the Greeks and the Romans
The newspapers covered the story.
THE Definition 14:
used before the plural form of a person’s last name to indicate that all the members of the family are included .
the Smiths
THE Definition 15:
used to indicate that a person or thing is the best of its kind .
This is the life. [=this is the way I want to live; this is a very enjoyable way to live, spend time, etc.]
I think he’s the one (for me), and I want to marry him.
He is the person [=the right person] for the job.
This seems to be the place to be.
THE Definition 16:
used to indicate the most famous person having a particular name This sense of the is emphasized in speech. .
“I saw Julia Roberts when I was in L.A.” “You saw the Julia Roberts, the famous actress?”
THE Definition 17:
used to refer in a general way to a specific type of activity .
the law
the arts and sciences
the publishing industry
I love the opera.
the cinema
He competes in the long jump.
the backstroke
The cat was on the prowl.
The soldiers were on the move.
THE Definition 18:
used to refer to a part of your body or clothing .
How’s the [=your] arm feeling today?
He grabbed me by the [=my] sleeve.
She led him by the [=his] hand.
THE Definition 19:
used before a noun that refers to a person’s family, job, health, etc. .
How is the [=your] family?
I have to talk the offer over with the [=my] wife.
Is the job going well?
How’s the headache?

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