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Question: Obtain


LAYHANDSON Definition 1:
To place (someone or something) down gently in a flat position often + down see also lay down (below).
Lay the fabric carefully on the table.
He laid a gentle hand on her shoulder.
She laid the baby in his crib for a nap.
He says that he never laid a finger/hand on her. [=that he never touched her]
He laid the newspaper down on the desk.
She laid the baby down for his nap.
LAYHANDSON Definition 2:
To place (something) into position on or along a surface :to build or set (something) on or in the ground or another surface often + down often used figuratively .
When will they lay the foundation for the addition?
lay tracks for the new railroad
lay pipe/cable/lines
laying bricks
laying down a new road/carpet
We are laying the groundwork/foundation [=providing conditions] for additional research.
LAYHANDSON Definition 3:
To spread (something) over a surface .
lay plaster/paint
lay wallpaper
LAYHANDSON Definition 4:
bury 1a .
They laid him in his grave.
LAYHANDSON Definition 5:
To be in a flat position on a surface :lie The use of lay to mean “lie” occurs commonly in informal speech but it is regarded as an error by many people..
The book was laying on the table.
LAYHANDSON Definition 6:
To beat or strike (something) down with force .
The wheat was laid flat by the wind and rain.
LAYHANDSON Definition 7:
To change the condition of something in a specified way .
The mountainside has been laid bare by loggers. [=all the trees on the mountainside have been cut down by loggers]
He laid bare his soul. = He laid his soul bare. [=he revealed his most private thoughts and feelings]
He laid himself open to criticism [=he exposed himself to criticism] with his remarks.
LAYHANDSON Definition 8:
To produce (an egg) outside of the body :to push (an egg) out of the body + obj no obj see also lay an egg at egg.
Birds that typically lay only two eggs per year
Old chickens that no longer lay
LAYHANDSON Definition 9:
used like make, place, or put in various phrases .
She has laid plans [=she has made plans] to cut the staff down to just 15 people.
Even the best-laid plans [=the most carefully made plans] sometimes go wrong.
She lays great stress/emphasis on good manners. [=she stresses/emphasizes good manners very much]
The author lays the blame/responsibility for the state of the environment squarely on the government. [=the author blames the government for the state of the environment]
LAYHANDSON Definition 10:
To make (something) ready :to prepare (something) .
lay a trap
lay a fire in the fireplace
(Brit) Places were laid (at the table) for three people. [=silverware, glasses, and napkins were put on the table for three people who will be eating there]
(Brit) lay [=set] the table for a meal
LAYHANDSON Definition 11:
To risk losing (money) if your guess about what will happen is wrong :bet .
lay money on a race
LAYHANDSON Definition 12:
To have sex with someone usually used in the phrase get laid .
All he cares about is getting laid. [=having sex]

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