Puzzle Society Crossword Answers December 15, 2018

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Crossword: by Jim Holland


Places to crash after a long day SOFAS
Future oak ACORN
He’s no keeper! CAD
Certain Greenland native INUIT
Longtime female role for Tyler Perry MADEA
Kimono accessory OBI
Pen name for a political writer? GERRYMANDER
Guitarist Paul LES
Pain in the neck HASSLE
Mint target BREATH
Parrot’s talking point? PERCH
“Alley-___!” OOP
Pro ___ (proportionately) RATA
Pen name for a food writer? CHUCKWAGON
Choose ELECT
Tickle, metaphorically AMUSE
2016 Olympics site RIO
Tendon SINEW
Neither’s partner NOR
Word before “the tea” or “the beans” SPILL
Greek letter contained in the letters before and after it ETA
You might see one at the Met OPERA
Plains dwelling TEPEE
Pen name for a comedy writer? TOMFOOLERY
Cabernet Sauvignon and others REDS
March intonation HUP
Monopoly properties DEEDS
Known by a select few ARCANE
Approximately AROUND
___ Speedwagon (rock group) REO
Pen name for a mystery writer? CLIFFHANGER
Opening at a dentist’s office? GAP
Like horror movie music EERIE
Valletta’s island country MALTA
Keats’ “___ on a Grecian Urn” ODE
Board game with colored pawns SORRY
Elite Hollywood group ALIST


Sound of relief SIGH
Highly draftable ONEA
John Jacob Astor traded them FURS
It’s way over your head AIRSPACE
Do a do STYLE
MDs’ group AMA
Part of a six-pack CAN
Peculiar ODD
Some running shoes REEBOKS
Least wide NARROWEST
Pepsi, for one COLA
“Want to make ___?” ABET
Spread, as “dirt” DISH
Old car such as a Cougar, briefly MERC
Clean air org. EPA
Designer famous for No. 5 CHANEL
Went along with HUMORED
Put back at 00:00, perhaps RESET
O’Connor’s Supreme Court successor ALITO
Common brunch hour TENAM
South American arrow poison CURARE
Express dissatisfaction GRIPE
Lubricated OILED
Florida State team, informally NOLES
Low line on a measuring cup TWOOUNCES
Any of 13 Catholic Church heads POPELEO
Govt. loan maker FHA
Casual agreement YEAH
Type of queen DRAMA
2012 Ben Affleck flick set in Iran ARGO
The “R” of CD-ROM READ
Deal with a setback COPE
Fruit not known for its looks UGLI
Pickleball court dividers NETS
“Phooey!” DRAT
Like the verbs “be” and “go” (Abbr.) IRR
Douglas ___ (Christmas tree choice) FIR
Palin satirizer FEY
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