Puzzle Society Crossword Answers December 18, 2018

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Crossword: by Greg Johnson


Sidewalk art supply CHALK
See 15-Across CODE
Pop singer Del Rey LANA
Diameter halves RADII
With 6-Across, phone number part in parentheses AREA
Aircraft designer Sikorsky IGOR
Elizabeth ___ makeup ARDEN
Word before “admiral” or “axle” REAR
Sandpaper statistic GRIT
It should be placed carefully BET
Apt jobs for Cliff and Glen? GEOGRAPHERS
“Holy smokes!” OHMAMA
Over-the-top adorable CUTESY
Trade ___ (Coca-Cola’s recipe, e.g.) SECRET
India’s first Prime Minister NEHRU
Cry of dismay ALAS
Apt jobs for Ace and Jack? POKERPROS
Make public, as grievances AIR
Lost-at-sea signal SOS
Start of school? ESS
2018 Wall St. move for Spotify IPO
Apt jobs for Bud and Herb? BOTANISTS
Pizza place? OVEN
Island country south of Sicily MALTA
Crown sparklers JEWELS
Harden into bone OSSIFY
Easier to reach, say NEARER
Apt jobs for Jimmy and Rob? CATBURGLARS
Truck stop idler RIG
Fir, for one TREE
Sacha Baron Cohen character before “Borat” ALIG
Kitchen appliance choice AMANA
Taj Mahal’s city AGRA
DNA sequence GENE
Squabbles TIFFS
Cosmetic car flaw DENT
Oracle SEER
Frank Beard is this band’s beardless member ZZTOP


Chesapeake Bay catch CRAB
Loser in an Aesop fable HARE
Online shopping button with a + ADDTOCART
No-no on the stand LIE
Exclamation after a diagonal move KINGME
Billiards ricochet CAROM
Seasoning in many Italian dishes OREGANO
Beloved DEAR
Swimmers’ maladies EARACHES
Show sudden joy LIGHTUP
Say “Me, too!” AGREE
Gritty crime films NOIRS
Like a creative type ARTSY
Cook’s encouragement EAT
Runs smoothly, as an engine PURRS
Pay stub abbr. HRS
Former Swedish automaker SAAB
Lovestruck boy in “Call Me by Your Name” ELIO
Squeaks by, with “out” EKES
Hushed “Hey, you!” PSST
Whitewater rapids conveyance RIVERRAFT
German automaker OPEL
Twins, sometimes SONS
Major mix-up SNAFU
Auto garage fire hazards OILYRAGS
Exclamation of exhaustion AMIBEAT
Mark left by a bikini TANLINE
Be behind OWE
Loose change holder JAR
Artificial ERSATZ
Legs of an arachnid, numerically OCTAD
Army base nickname SARGE
Rigidly rule-enforcing STERN
Rarin’ to go EAGER
Contact ___ (email, phone number, etc.) INFO
(Oh, my!) GASP
B’way’s “Les ___” MIZ
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