”Quantum” increase Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: ”Quantum” increase

Solution: LEAP

LEAP Definition 1:
To jump from a surface .
The cat suddenly leaped into the air.
Fish were leaping out of the water.
He leaped off the bridge.
The cat leapt down from (the top of) the table.
The boys leaped over the stream.
He made a leaping catch. [=he caught the ball as he jumped]
LEAP Definition 2:
To jump over (something) .
The horse leaped the stone wall.
LEAP Definition 3:
To move quickly often used figuratively .
She leapt up [=she stood up quickly] and ran out the door.
When the alarm went off, she leapt out of bed.
The crowd leapt to its feet. [=stood up quickly in excitement]
The team leaped from last place to first place.
The conversation leapt from politics to religion.
When other people accused her of being lazy, he leaped to her defense. [=he quickly began to defend her]
They leaped into action. [=acted immediately]
LEAP Definition 4:
To suddenly increase by a large amount .
The price of gasoline leaped (by) 10 percent.

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