Star Tribune Crossword Answers April 01, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Trunk Chest
Angel’s instrument Harp
Hardens Sets
Dirt Earth
Between continents Asea
Uncluttered Neat
More parched Drier
Property right Lien
Diva’s solo Aria
Host Emcee
Wavering Faltering
Golf goal Par
Comes together Meets
And so on (2 wds.) Etcetera
Two (Sp.) Dos
Active person Doer
Shooting range feature Target
Cloud’s locale Sky
Hair goo Gel
Malady Disease
Numero ____ Uno
Boston time zone (abbr.) Est
Take a breath Inhale
In the center of Amid
Hot drink Tea
Florida city Sarasota
Tiny landmass Islet
Explosive (abbr.) Tnt
Honor roll (2 wds.) Deanslist
Chip dip Salsa
No ifs, ____, or buts Ands
Peruvian Indian Inca
Handle skillfully Wield
Gap Hole
Above Atop
Bert’s buddy Ernie
Crude metals Ores
Decomposes Rots
Relaxes Rests


Hand over Cede
Damage Harm
Musician ____ Clapton Eric
More sharply inclined Steeper
Menace Threat
50% Half
India’s continent Asia
Stagger Reel
Breathe quickly Pant
Traps Snares
Scary Eerie
Contaminate Taint
Fawn’s fathers Stags
Ham it up Emote
Eye part Retina
Boundary Edge
Baby’s “piggies” Toes
Highland Scot Celt
Foolhardy Rash
Locales Areas
Gobi, for one Desert
Festive event Gala
Japanese wrestling Sumo
Make a sweater Knit
“Star Wars” character Yoda
Counts calories Diets
Dancer Fred ____ Astaire
Gets uptight Tenses
Reply Answer
Boise’s state Idaho
Spanish title Senor
Large spoon Ladle
Perjurer Liar
Knowledgeable about Into
Kilt wearer Scot
Faucets Taps
Contact ____ Lens
Skirt opening Slit
Fruit beverages Ades
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