Star Tribune Crossword Answers April 05, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Curved doorway Arch
Nordic capital Oslo
Bricklayer Mason
Undiluted Pure
Cut wood Chop
Martini garnish Olive
Too early Premature
Short letters Notes
Racetrack circuit Lap
In a while Later
Adolescents Teens
Gridiron number Eleven
Space gp. Nasa
Indignation Ire
Boot part Insole
Desirable quality Asset
Surgical procedure Operation
Midday Noon
Nonchalant Blase
Trudge Plod
Temporary Transient
Sail supports Masts
Stress Strain
____ de toilette Eau
Attaches Adds
Expand Dilate
Assert as fact Claim
Like Santa’s helpers Elfin
Disencumber Rid
Church walkway Aisle
Dawdling Loitering
Banisters Rails
Hue Tone
Understood! (2 wds.) Isee
Wipe away Erase
Copied Aped
Jumble Mess


Eve’s fruit Apple
Rustic Rural
Thin pancake Crepe
Skirt bottom Hem
Gasoline classification Octane
Closed Shut
Sophia ____ Loren
Musical drama Opera
Idaho’s neighbor Montana
Burn reliever Aloe
Locale Site
Baking need Oven
Loch ____ monster Ness
Observant Alert
Capital of Austria Vienna
Father Sire
Capital of Minnesota (2 wds.) Stpaul
Greases Oils
Booty Loot
Ceases Ends
Industrious insects Ants
Ilk Sort
Glide Soar
Bullring cheer Ole
Frying ____ Pan
NYC time zone Est
Tie Bind
Thai Siamese
Augusta’s locale Maine
Rewrote Edited
Letter before epsilon Delta
Sailboat Sloop
Stand up Arise
Fork features Tines
Borders Edges
Part of TLC Care
Fibber Liar
Korea’s continent Asia
Misfortunes Ills
Penalty Fine
Edge Rim
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