Star Tribune Crossword Answers August 06, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Annoying one Pest
Caps Hats
Plus Asset
Jazz singer ____ Fitzgerald Ella
Treat pleats Iron
Comic ____ Martin Steve
“General Hospital”, e.g. (2 wds.) Soapopera
Primp Preen
Chose Opted
India’s locale Asia
Does wrong Errs
Sower Seeder
Green shade Olive
Distress inits. Sos
Caught Netted
Shut loudly Slam
Flexibility Elasticity
Plane’s captain Pilot
Bottom-row key Alt
Spear Lance
Ambition Aspiration
Stadium cheers Rahs
Talked back Sassed
Achieved victory Won
Young people Teens
Sips Tastes
Zoo enclosure Cage
Ditty Song
____ metal Scrap
Unattended Alone
Tequila drink Margarita
Cavalry sword Saber
Operatic melody Aria
Asleep Abed
Apart Aside
Johnny ____ of “Edward Scissorhands” Depp
Nothing more than Mere


Coins from Mexico Pesos
Wed on the run Elope
List of candidates Slate
Recorded Taped
Pelvic bone Hip
Locale Area
Trunk Torso
Slowpoke Snail
Egyptian cobra Asp
Trolley Streetcar
Clairvoyant one Seer
Eternally Ever
Hamilton bills Tens
Some poems Odes
Slangy negative Aint
Shad eggs Roe
Bride’s headpiece Veil
Wood strip Slat
Rocker ____ Turner Tina
Engrave with acid Etch
Tints Dyes
Mineral springs Spas
____ Marie Presley Lisa
Swiss mountains Alps
Dampened Moistened
Rhyming boxer Ali
Stash away Stow
Birch or spruce Tree
Fruit beverages Ades
____ guilty Not
Space gp. Nasa
Roaming tribesman Nomad
Kind of drum Snare
Vamoose! Scram
Indian group Tribe
Diner Eater
Digging tool Spade
Spanish house Casa
Poetic lament Alas
Asian desert Gobi
Hold tightly Grip
Before, to Keats Ere
Opening Gap
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