Star Tribune Crossword Answers August 27, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Nebraska city Omaha
Male sheep Rams
Back Rear
Marathon runner Racer
Buffalo’s lake Erie
Irritable Edgy
____ Banks of baseball Ernie
School gps. Ptas
Hawk, e.g. Bird
Ships’ rears Sterns
Aquatic mammal Manatee
Whenever is convenient Anytime
Pronoun Her
More elegant Dressier
Adam’s companion Eve
Bun Roll
Begged Pled
Additional Extra
Distribute Allot
Ordinance Law
Tailor again Rehem
Fangs Teeth
Brood Stew
Went by horse Rode
Possesses Has
Part of an atom Electron
Hen’s creation Egg
Summer beverage (2 wds.) Icedtea
Window above a door Transom
Actress ____ Richards Denise
Sprinkler attachment Hose
Vocalist ____ Turner Tina
Family car Sedan
Zenith Apex
Gossip bit Item
Make right Amend
Robin’s home Nest
On a ship Asea
Highways Roads


Metallic deposits Ores
Store Mart
Pimples Acne
Will beneficiary Heir
Stadiums Arenas
Agent (abbr.) Rep
Skill Art
Florida metropolis Miami
Flavorful seed Sesame
Country singer ____ McEntire Reba
Mrs. Bunker Edith
Consent Agree
Actress Winona ____ Ryder
Quick cut Snip
At no time Never
Shouts Yells
Picked up the tab Treated
Mild expletive Drat
____ model Role
She, in Marseille Elle
Slow-moving mammal Sloth
Put forth Exert
Resided Dwelt
Norse thunder god Thor
Decorator’s advice Redo
Prayer’s end Amen
Bangkok residents Thais
Dandelion, for one Weed
Nova ____ Scotia
Roman general Caesar
Revolutionary ____ Allen Ethan
Search blindly Grope
Freon and oxygen Gases
Sends forth Emits
Following Next
Disney clownfish Nemo
Thought Idea
Sahara grains Sand
Completes Ends
Previously named Nee
Medical gp. Ama
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