Star Tribune Crossword Answers December 03, 2020

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Ego Self
Climb Scale
Land parcel Acre
The ____ Office Oval
Trio number Three
Facial feature Chin
Thin coin Dime
Elegance Refinement
Greece’s neighbor Albania
Rent Lease
Most favorable Optimal
____ capita Per
TV collie Lassie
Hero’s award Medal
Native Peruvians Incas
Zipped Sped
Locality Area
Most trite Stalest
Giant wave Tsunami
Corrals Pens
Distinct times Eras
Hazard Peril
Expect Await
Resources Assets
Peeved Mad
Standstill Impasse
Lethargic Inert
Dancer Fred ____ Astaire
Wipe out Annihilate
Make coffee Brew
Army chow Mess
Batman’s sidekick Robin
Unaccompanied Lone
Words of understanding (2 wds.) Isee
Travel ____ Agent
Abolishes Ends


Fizzy drink Soda
Harmful Evil
Young sheep Lamb
____ market Flea
Zebra marking Stripe
Defraud Cheat
Dog’s sound Arf
Island garland Lei
Poetic dusk Een
Pinnacle Acme
Inexpensive Cheap
Wash lightly Rinse
Go onstage Enter
Jazz great ____ Fitzgerald Ella
Clatter Noise
Mischievous child Imp
Convenes Meets
Tacks on Adds
Speak imperfectly Lisp
Initial stake Ante
Peruse Scan
Hot sauce Salsa
Country roads Lanes
Undress Strip
Scarce Rare
Emanate Emit
Feels unwell Ails
Garment juncture Seam
Troubled Upset
____ glance (2 wds.) Ata
Accompanying With
Concur Assent
Florida city Miami
Rice and Frank Annes
Compact Dense
Glossy fabric Satin
Get up Rise
Ready, willing, and ____ Able
Treat pleats Iron
Tear apart Rend
Female sheep Ewes
Fin. fund Ira
Fireplace fuel Log
Lincoln, informally Abe
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