Star Tribune Crossword Answers December 05, 2020

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Loony Daft
Realm Area
First Greek letter Alpha
Unbleached color Ecru
Ring loudly Peal
Showed again Reran
Most attractive Prettiest
Genuflected Knelt
Domestic animal Pet
Actor Charlton ____ Heston
Witnesses Sees
Friendly Nice
Attention-getting sound Ahem
Tranquil Serene
Top, to bottom Opposite
Corny Trite
Use a broom Sweep
Nothing Nil
Roadhouses Inns
Highway divisions Lanes
Fix Mend
Apparatus Rig
Avid Eager
Kitchen appliance Range
College term Semester
Spring holiday Easter
Poker word Ante
Small pie Tart
Sunset direction West
Rest Repose
Storage box Bin
Detested Hated
Take turns Alternate
All Every
Authentic Real
____-friendly User
To the point Terse
Chums Pals
Disney clownfish Nemo


Johnny ____ of “Edward Scissorhands” Depp
Land measure Acre
Stew Fret
King ____ Tut
Per person Apiece
____ Witherspoon of “Walk the Line” Reese
“____ of Eden” East
Choir member Alto
Noah’s craft Ark
Contact ____ Lenses
Outstanding Preeminent
Healthy Hale
Picnic crashers Ants
Old pronoun Thine
Neck areas Napes
Clears as profit Nets
Bunny’s jump Hop
Mixes Stirs
“Sesame Street” character Ernie
Circus leader Ringmaster
Proprietor Owner
Look narrowly Peer
Tint Tinge
Church leader Elder
Wise man Sage
Tardier Later
Sail support Mast
Newark time zone (abbr.) Est
Less frequent Rarer
Walks in Enters
Artists’ stands Easels
Whole Total
Sharpen Whet
Roof overhang Eave
Old West lawman Earp
Petition Plea
Army camp Base
Ledger entry Item
Infamous fiddler Nero
Hair coloring Dye
Convent resident Nun
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