Star Tribune Crossword Answers December 31, 2023

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Untrue False
Lightly cooked Rare
Camping need Tent
Wonderland girl Alice
Toaster ____ Oven
Bloodhound’s clue Odor
Elegance Refinement
Aria singer Diva
NYC time zone Est
____ Gras Mardi
Passed effortlessly Aced
Pollute Taint
Tell secrets Tattle
Verify Attest
She, in Nice Elle
Chick’s comment Cheep
Sheik’s wives Harem
Pres. before HST Fdr
Florida metropolis Miami
Groom’s vow (2 wds.) Ido
Goodbye, in Paris Adieu
Navy officer (abbr.) Ens
Carnival attractions Rides
Lymph ____ Nodes
Eat formally Dine
In abundance Galore
Squirrel’s treats Acorns
Track down Trace
California valley Napa
More frigid Icier
Newsman ____ Rather Dan
Metric weight Gram
On purpose Deliberate
____ Fitzgerald Ella
Adam’s abode Eden
Cars Autos
Singer Diana ____ Ross
Nail polish shades Reds
Gathers Reaps


Bus money Fare
Tavern orders Ales
Pick up Lift
Chem., e.g. Sci
Dusk, to a poet Een
Caesar, e.g. Roman
Turn aside Avert
Rip apart Rend
Give a right to Entitle
Until now (2 wds.) Todate
Decree Edict
New Novel
Commerce Trade
Send forth Emit
Be abundant Teem
Pain reliever Aspirin
Yearly publication Almanac
Peak Acme
Skinny Thin
Afternoon parties Teas
Greek deity Eros
Conceal Hide
Refreshing drink Ade
Dog’s name Fido
Gentle animal Deer
Pretense Ruse
Mete (out) Dole
____ trading Insider
Serious plays Dramas
Dress Garb
Fury Anger
Monte ____ Carlo
October gems Opals
Laid bathroom flooring Tiled
Bridle straps Reins
Relinquish Cede
Computer info Data
On the peak Atop
Loch ____ monster Ness
Corn piece Ear
Feel regret Rue
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