Code Letter Crossword Answers December 29, 2023

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Crossword: by Winston Emmons


Five-series TV franchise CSI
Allotted space AREA
Lincoln in-law TODD
Something filled with bills ATM
__ toast (soup partner) MELBA
Copy center supply TONER
Floor plan, e.g. MAP
*Without delay IMMEDIATELY
Hash-brown brand OREIDA
Spectators AUDIENCE
*City near Disney World KISSIMMEE
Tie at anchor MOOR
Mediterranean hot spot ETNA
Arabian Nights name ALI
Learned person SAGE
Show to be an abettor IMPLICATE
Encouraging word OLE
*Least bright DIMMEST
Monthly or quarterly MAG
Happening after most others LATEONSET
As far as UPTO
Core muscle group ABS
Sorority letters ETAS
Really long time AGES
*Needing pruning UNTRIMMED
Parental role NURTURER
Centers NUCLEI
*Faint lights GLIMMERINGS
Cloud computing giant IBM
Yosemite landmark, for short ELCAP
Animal tale FABLE
Final name in “A Christmas Carol” TIM
Spielberg’s saved soldier RYAN
Pringles rival LAYS
“Saison” including Juillet ETE


Commando garb CAMO
Sharply clear STARK
Designer from Canton IMPEI
Surrounded by AMIDST
Stay put REMAIN
Street often near Pine ELM
Nautical adverb ABEAM
Serving as a symbol TOTEMIC
Informal bridge bid ONENO
GM’s former battery brand DELCO
Major appliance DRYER
Both, in music ADUE
Mai __ TAI
High principles IDEALS
“Got it” ISEE
Hurts badly MAIMS
Luminous LIT
Nearest star SOL
Copying ALA
Come into GET
Title like Sra. MME
First pope PETER
Band booster AMP
Dermal decoration TAT
Self-regard EGO
DMV datum DOB
Cover, in a way INSURE
Coiner of “Kodak” EASTMAN
D-Day landers USMC
Feeling pins and needles TINGLY
Keeps happy AMUSES
Fire up ANGER
Small ravine GULLY
Novelist Jong ERICA
Soft ball brand NERF
Ordeal TRIAL
Favored few ELITE
Payment option DEBIT
Plate leaner UMP
Hidden theme of the five starred clues’ answers IMME
ESPN media partner NBA
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