Star Tribune Crossword Answers February 02, 2023

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Army post Base
Turn aside Avert
Fairy-tale fiend Ogre
Greek mythology figure Eros
Radio and newspapers, e.g. Media
Lackluster Drab
Harvest Reap
Things Items
Humorist ____ Barry Dave
____ Keillor of radio Garrison
Seesaw Teeter
Naval off. Ens
Disagreement Dissent
Hot sauce Salsa
Most frigid Iciest
Hold tightly Clasp
Burn Sear
Author ____ Tolstoy Leo
Formal necktie Ascot
Hastened Ran
Chinese, e.g. Asian
Fish eggs Roe
Box Case
Frighten Scare
Free-for-alls Melees
Canvas covers Tarps
____ water Mineral
Rent Let
Gets up Arises
Appetizers Starters
Refusals Noes
Performs alone Solos
Musician ____ Clapton Eric
“____ upon a time…” Once
Foolish Inane
Actress ____ Hayworth Rita
Whiskeys Ryes
Provide food Cater
Appear Seem


“Titanic” foe Berg
Realm Area
Glide Soar
Coffeehouse selection Espresso
Off kilter Amiss
Kill a bill Veto
Genesis location Eden
Border Rim
More flavorful Tastier
Most peculiar Oddest
Rasp Grate
Black bird Raven
Reviewer Roger ____ Ebert
Not appropriate Inapt
Tricky curve Ess
Keaton and Sawyer Dianes
Injury memento Scar
Plus Also
Shoestring Lace
Jerusalem’s locale Israel
Desist Cease
Pinocchio, e.g. Liar
Old West lawman Earp
Wallet fillers Ones
Fall bloom Aster
Disperses Scatters
Enduring novel Classic
Untidy conditions Messes
Before, to Keats Ere
Feudal estate Manor
Satire Irony
Brother’s daughter Niece
Intense beam Laser
Bed board Slat
Quality of sound Tone
Huron’s neighbor Erie
Ceremonial act Rite
Sting Scam
Out ____ limb (2 wds.) Ona
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