Star Tribune Crossword Answers February 03, 2023

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Seminar Class
Distant Afar
Nest eggs (abbr.) Iras
Angels’ headwear Halos
Italian city Rome
Fatigue Tire
“____ of Two Cities” (2 wds.) Atale
Not idealized Realistic
Large truck Semi
Hurls Tosses
Ingest Eat
Eating away Eroding
Warbled Sang
Headliner Star
Walk leisurely Stroll
Stainless ____ Steel
Slangy negative Nope
Buffalo’s waterfront Erie
Wipe out Erase
Station wagon Car
“Beauty and the ____” Beast
Televises Airs
Yield Cede
Map book Atlas
Ohio port Toledo
Brood Stew
Dispatched Sent
Make bigger Enlarge
NH time zone Est
Squirrel’s treats Acorns
Festive occasion Gala
Boomed Thundered
Prongs Tines
Apple part Core
Got it! (2 wds.) Isee
Pond growth Algae
Sharpen Hone
Narrated Told
Judges Deems


Pursue Chase
Subsequently Later
San Antonio shrine Alamo
Firm Solid
Compass direction (abbr.) Sse
Excessive pride Arrogance
Enemies Foes
Accumulate Amass
Liberate Release
____ a girl! Its
Ceremony Rite
Pavarotti solo Aria
Faction Sect
Fails to exist Isnt
High explosive (abbr.) Tnt
Emerald ____ Isle
Welcome Greet
Turnpikes Roads
Of the mouth Oral
____ Kudrow of “Friends” Lisa
Leases Lets
Throne Seat
Group of three Trio
James ____ Jones Earl
Road curves Esses
Made believe Pretended
Cry loudly Bawl
Vanity Conceit
____ Sea Scrolls Dead
Navy officer (abbr.) Ens
Trunk Torso
Spry Agile
Kitchen appliance Range
Shine Gleam
Slackens Eases
Engrave with acid Etch
Begone! Shoo
Change direction Turn
Rod’s companion Reel
Originally called Nee
Small bit Tad
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