Star Tribune Crossword Answers February 19, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Strike-breaker Scab
Assists Aids
Treaties Pacts
Cuckoo Loco
Mild oath Drat
Characteristic Trait
Isn’t, incorrectly Aint
Better half Mate
Major artery Aorta
Entreaty Plea
Thinker ____ Newton Isaac
Shopper’s paradise Mall
Fish trap Net
Aquatic mammal Manatee
Diva ____ Callas Maria
Cheapskate Miser
Atom part Electron
African adventure Safari
Fizzy drink Soda
Nebraska metropolis Omaha
Not up yet Abed
Obtained illegally Stolen
____ port Parallel
Delicious Tasty
Fashion Style
Magazine item Article
That gal She
Borrowed money Loan
Fox trot, e.g. Dance
Move upward Rise
Grown-up Adult
Complain Moan
Golden calf, e.g. Idol
Subscribe again Renew
Military supplies Ammo
Singer ____ Diamond Neil
Slogan Motto
Not ever, poetically Neer
Brisk wind Gale


Smack Slap
Mattress part Coil
Pimples Acne
Pertaining to plants Botanical
Confess Admit
Retirees’ accts. Iras
Information Data
Emits vapor Steams
School group (abbr.) Pta
Smell Aroma
Diamond weight Carat
Baron, e.g. Title
Like old bread Stale
Roman general Caesar
Take food Eat
Gun org. Nra
Army chow Mess
Great deal (2 wds.) Alot
Decorate anew Redo
Pop’s partner Mom
Not appropriate Inapt
President ____ Reagan Ronald
Hesitating Faltering
With competence Ably
Rod’s partner Reel
Jobless Idle
Horse food Hay
And so forth (abbr.) Etc
Hardwood tree Ash
Sailor Seaman
Warning signal Alarm
Cowboy show Rodeo
Tease Taunt
Small bay Inlet
Spanish “mister” Senor
Alaskan city Nome
Showed up Came
Inspiration Idea
Earth Soil
She, in Toulouse Elle
Couple Two
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