Star Tribune Crossword Answers February 24, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Texas shrine Alamo
Welshman Celt
Short race Dash
Brief summary Recap
Toast topping Oleo
Wind instrument Oboe
A la ____ Carte
Stink Reek
Tractor-trailer Semi
Expressing scorn Sneering
Pencil end Eraser
On the ocean Asea
Opposite of pos. Neg
Amtrak terminals (abbr.) Stas
Military status Rank
Brink Verge
Capital of the Philippines Manila
Grow weary Tire
Entire amount All
Main courses Entrees
Matrimonial Marital
Vital statistic Age
Pronounce indistinctly Slur
Ebb Recede
Thorny blooms Roses
Insignificant Mere
Adam’s garden Eden
Society girl Deb
Travel document Visa
Total Entire
Named Entitled
Tooth part Root
Slips up Errs
Window blind Shade
Novelist ____ Rice Anne
Trick Ruse
Big Large
Kernel Seed
Observes Sees
Came to a close Ended


Circle sections Arcs
Lacking fat Lean
Land unit Acre
Spouse Mate
Puccini work Opera
Eye part Cornea
Glamorous Elegant
Rebel general Lee
Keepsake Token
Medicinal amount Dosage
Lincoln, et al. Abes
A few Some
Will beneficiary Heir
Jerusalem’s country Israel
Worship Revere
Greasy streak Smear
Argentine dance Tango
Poker stakes Antes
Polite address Sir
“____ Possible” (cartoon) Kim
Graded Rated
Forest clearing Glade
Actress ____ Barkin Ellen
Inferior Lesser
Most unusual Rarest
Total Sum
Drink cooler Ice
Opposite Reverse
Censored Edited
Gets the soap off Rinses
Bar drinks Beers
Theater walkway Aisle
Notable periods Eras
Zilch None
Musical sound Tone
Better late ____ never Than
Fat for frying Lard
Rim Edge
Land document Deed
Wish undone Rue
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