Star Tribune Crossword Answers January 25, 2023

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Pea shells Pods
Majority Most
Night twinklers Stars
Adored one Idol
____ in a while Once
Test Trial
Sniffer Nose
School official Dean
Blue ____ Mountains Ridge
Athens’ country Greece
Got worse again Relapsed
Body powder Talc
Work Toil
Canadian province Alberta
Shaquille and Ryan Oneals
Incite Goad
Telegraph inventor Morse
Have breakfast Eat
Taxing agcy. Irs
Sleazier Seedier
Compass dir. Sse
Flower wreath Lei
Comic ____ DeGeneres Ellen
Sit for a portrait Pose
Repeat performance Encore
Soft drink (2 wds.) Sodapop
Little kiss Peck
Nights before holidays Eves
Skilled Talented
Whole Entire
Boxing locale Arena
Not far Near
Customer User
Marry again Rewed
36 inches Yard
Aft Rear
San Diego athlete Padre
Female singer Alto
Snaky swimmers Eels


Metallic sound Ping
Bloodhound’s clue Odor
Medicine portion Dose
Rained ice Sleeted
Early car (2 wds.) Modelt
Individual One
Injury mark Scar
Dogma Tenet
Colander Strainer
Threefold Triple
Assists Aids
Craze Rage
Toboggan Sled
Motor vehicle Car
Unattached Loose
Desert animal Camel
Limber Agile
Actress Sophia ____ Loren
Fundamental Basic
Fable writer Aesop
Rodeo rope Lasso
Prepare tea Steep
Poem of praise Ode
Remove soap Rinse
Love song Serenade
Vote into office Elect
Grazing ground Pasture
Kitchen gadget Opener
Exert excessively Overdo
Lion’s home Den
Nairobi’s country Kenya
Canvas cover Tarp
Territory Area
Bawdy Lewd
Negotiate Deal
Psychic’s phrase (2 wds.) Isee
Not fake Real
Makes mistakes Errs
Gallery exhibit Art
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