Star Tribune Crossword Answers January 28, 2023

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Tiny opening Pore
Biblical food Manna
City vehicles Cabs
Prayer word Amen
Orally Aloud
Bogeyman Ogre
Small wagon Cart
Mails Posts
Spades or clubs Suit
Asian language Thai
Plant stalk Stem
Bucks Stags
Mr. Claus Santa
Auto type Sedan
Peru’s capital Lima
Passed on by DNA Genetic
Second self (2 wds.) Alterego
India’s Mother ____ Teresa
Promissory note Iou
Course Route
Poet’s eternity Eer
Give to charity Donate
Indented Recessed
Most trite Stalest
Minute particle Atom
Diner Eater
At no time Never
Drummer Ringo ____ Starr
Flask sips Nips
VIP’s car Limo
Slant Tilt
Large spoon Ladle
Labor Toil
Other than Else
Halo wearer Angel
She, in Bordeaux Elle
Walk heavily Plod
Shoplift Steal
Sunbeams Rays


Agreements Pacts
D-Day beach Omaha
Aired again Reran
Give a right to Entitle
Atlas items Maps
Very many (2 wds.) Alot
Nuzzles Noses
Aromatic spice Nutmeg
Classified ____ Ads
Actor Kevin ____ Costner
Spanish water Agua
Ship’s jail Brig
Solidifies Sets
Sensible Sane
____ conditioner Air
Discover Detect
Most insignificant Merest
Time past Ago
Casual tops Tees
“____ dead people!” (2 wds.) Isee
Credit ____ Card
Helps Aids
Burglar’s booty Loot
Large food fish Tuna
Possessive pronoun Our
Earl Grey, e.g. Tea
Warned Alerted
Sign of crying Tear
Billion years Eon
Ore refinery Smelter
Renter Tenant
Blue ____ Mountains Ridge
String instrument Viola
Poet ____ Dickinson Emily
Stage parts Roles
Tread Step
Cash drawer Till
Additionally Also
Guilty, e.g. Plea
Auction off Sell
“Viva ____ Vegas” Las
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