Star Tribune Crossword Answers July 01, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Water vapor Steam
Recipe units (abbr.) Tsps
Specks Dabs
Singer ____ Ronstadt Linda
Bread topping Oleo
Jobless Idle
Comprehend Understand
Tied Even
Petrol Gas
Distort Skew
Evaluate Assess
Thin wedge Shim
Keyed up Tense
Peruse again Reread
Early car (2 wds.) Modelt
Utopian Ideal
Capital of Oregon Salem
Strike caller Ump
Waiters’ gratuities Tips
Highway divisions Lanes
Accurate True
Ingested Ate
Performs alone Solos
Counts calories Diets
Wobble Teeter
Covert Secret
Blazing Afire
Floppy ____ Disk
Capture back Retake
Tatters Rags
Romance Woo
Spring flower Iris
Exposing to the elements Weathering
Roof projection Eave
____ Canal Erie
More unusual Rarer
Winter toy Sled
Post Send
The ones here These


Hit hard Slug
Singer ____ Turner Tina
Terminates Ends
Fruit drink Ade
Fire ____ (fire chief) Marshal
____ pole Totem
Cabbage salad Slaw
Ballpoint, e.g. Pen
Fizzy drink Soda
Certain engine Diesel
Indiana Jones, e.g. Adventurer
Make holy Bless
Taste or smell Sense
Slip Skid
Mushroom part Stem
Large bodies of water Seas
Actress ____ Hayworth Rita
Revise text Edit
Monotonous Repetitive
Feudal estate Manor
Bullring cries Oles
French preposition Des
Mall event Sale
Silent Mute
Nuisance Pest
Large amount Lot
Clock’s noise Tick
Hunt for Seek
Sweet course Dessert
Wiped clean Erased
Express sorrow Sigh
Zodiac ram Aries
Wild Feral
Out of style Dated
Flock members Ewes
Drought’s lack Rain
Electrical conductor Wire
Dollar bills Ones
Fairy tale monster Ogre
Byron’s “before” Ere
Pep rally sound Rah
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