Star Tribune Crossword Answers July 22, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Inexpensive Cheap
Decomposes Rots
Shopping center Mall
Oscar winner ____ Berry Halle
Bright thought Idea
Tibet’s locale Asia
Comic Tim ____ Allen
Lady’s escort Gent
Links gadgets Tees
Location Place
Aide Assistant
Skirt opening Slit
Naval rank (abbr.) Ens
Mineral spring Spa
Smells Odors
Diner Eater
“Scarface” gangster (2 wds.) Alcapone
Party Gala
Brownish gray Taupe
Solid water Ice
Earn Merit
Initial bet Ante
Amusing story Anecdote
Lacks Needs
Extra tire Spare
Senator ____ Kennedy Ted
Cleopatra’s snake Asp
Provides workers Mans
Open to ideas Receptive
Molars Teeth
Profess Avow
Kind of exam Oral
Boise’s state Idaho
Actor Richard ____ Gere
Lion’s hair Mane
Televised again Reran
Finales Ends
Begged Pled
Tennessee ____ Ford Ernie


Bloke Chap
Foyer Hall
____ Fitzgerald of jazz Ella
Baldwin and Guinness Alecs
Actress ____ Cruz Penelope
Tubular pasta Rigatoni
Lyric verses Odes
Gets uptight Tenses
Glossy fabric Satin
Actor ____ Damon Matt
Adrift Asea
Legal hold Lien
Endure Last
Compass point (abbr.) Sse
Groom’s vow (2 wds.) Ido
The Devil Satan
Hangar occupant Plane
Sharp Acute
Summarize Recap
Ripened Aged
Fortuneteller’s card Tarot
Upper class Elite
Graded Rated
Imitated Aped
Painted Enameled
Singer Reba ____ Mcentire
Period in history Era
Syrup source Sap
Type of staircase Spiral
Walk heavily Stomp
Passover feast Seder
Frenzy Rage
Level Even
Thin rope Cord
Flock members Ewes
Barn ornament Vane
Make money Earn
Bangkok native Thai
Sharpen Hone
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