Star Tribune Crossword Answers July 27, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Baseball’s ____ Ruth Babe
Passed effortlessly Aced
Double curves Esses
Operator User
Folk knowledge Lore
“____ of Two Cities” (2 wds.) Atale
____ Kudrow of “Friends” Lisa
Bad Evil
Rear Raise
Flying mammals Bats
Four-sided figures Rectangles
Faction Sect
Capone and Gore Als
JFK’s predecessor Dde
Rest Repose
California valley Napa
Inserted more bullets Reloaded
As yet (2 wds.) Sofar
Motorist’s aid Atlas
State further Add
Gambling game Lotto
Looks intently Peers
Weirdness Eeriness
Slips up Errs
Came to terms Agreed
Bread type Rye
Artist Yoko ____ Ono
Pre-Easter season Lent
What a teacher takes Attendance
Alleviate Ease
Wharves Piers
Diving bird Loon
Out of port Asea
Comedian ____ Murphy Eddie
Fails to exist Isnt
School orgs. Ptas
Bowler’s button Reset
Peepers Eyes
Shipped Sent


Tulip’s start Bulb
Europe’s neighbor Asia
Popular book Bestseller
Remove Erase
Warned Alerted
Sheltered inlet Cove
Guitarist ____ Clapton Eric
River mouths Deltas
Works for Earns
All-male party Stag
Leave port Sail
Other Else
Glimpses Sees
Beer’s kin Ale
Insensitive Crass
Curtain Drape
Hinder Deter
Pod inhabitant Pea
More strange Odder
Midday Noon
Lingering flavor Aftertaste
Sucker Patsy
Got up Arose
Rower’s needs Oars
Glide Slide
Bad grade Dee
Eases up Relents
Additionally And
Certain hockey player Goalie
Start Onset
Some tides Neaps
Copier Aper
Ocean movement Tide
Turner and Williams Teds
A Great Lake Erie
Prying Nosy
Ice cream holder Cone
Actor ____ Connery Sean
“____ of Eden” East
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