Star Tribune Crossword Answers March 23, 2023

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Go quickly Dash
Deserves Earns
Hay bundle Bale
Eye amorously Ogle
Sirloin, e.g. Steak
Parched Arid
Double Dual
What a star gets (2 wds.) Topbilling
Porridge Oatmeal
Likeness Image
Map books Atlases
Lawn material Sod
Until now (2 wds.) Todate
Opponent Rival
Informed Aware
Admit defeat Cede
Cake decorator Icer
Souvenir Memento
Trap Ensnare
Genesis site Eden
Scored on serve Aced
____ Murphy of “Beverly Hills Cop” Eddie
Goodbye (Sp.) Adios
Rented Leased
Respectful title Sir
Passed, as time Elapsed
Embellish Adorn
Savings (2 wds.) Nestegg
Bargainer Negotiator
Common skin problem Acne
Stiff Taut
Love greatly Adore
Singe Char
Malt drinks Ales
Jotted down Noted
Carry Tote


Flightless bird Dodo
Water (Sp.) Agua
Wood strip Slat
Shipboard spot Helm
Manor Estate
Coral island Atoll
Salesperson, briefly Rep
Catch Nab
Enjoy the slopes Ski
Soothing salve Balm
Opera highlights Arias
Jargon Lingo
Advanced gradually Edged
____ Kudrow of “Friends” Lisa
Corroded Eaten
Common verb Are
One-____ (biased) Sided
Equal Even
Domesticated Tame
Had creditors Owed
Noblewoman Dame
Sports site Arena
Actress ____ Blair Linda
Chocolate drink Cocoa
Rascals Cads
Great Lake Erie
Marsh grass Reed
Peacock’s pride Tail
Future flowers Seeds
Sixth sense (abbr.) Esp
Fender nick Dent
Ogled Leered
Mr. Claus Santa
Utopian Ideal
Scoundrel Rogue
Sleep noise Snore
Spoils Rots
Diplomacy Tact
Mimic Echo
Bothersome insect Gnat
Richard ____ of “Chicago” Gere
Actor ____ McKellen Ian
Hubbub Ado
Little kid Tot
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