Star Tribune Crossword Answers May 01, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Facts Data
Halt Stop
Uncovers Opens
Fragrance Odor
____ and see Wait
Musical show Revue
Over Done
She, in Seville Ella
Stage remark Aside
Small bomb Grenade
Deer’s horn Antler
Infuriate Enrage
Freight Cargo
Approve Endorse
“Sex and ____ City” The
Squirrel’s treat Acorn
Absorbed by Into
Designer Christian ____ Dior
Sailboat race Regatta
Underwriter Insurer
Touched Felt
Connecting words Ands
College women Coeds
Compass reading (abbr.) Sse
Respire Breathe
Flag-maker ____ Ross Betsy
Tooth covering Enamel
Consents Agrees
Italian herb Oregano
Inactive Inert
Snatch Take
Deferred savings accts. Iras
Name tag Label
Knights Sirs
Pleasing Nice
Iowa or Ohio State
Say grace Pray
Obtains Gets


Evade Dodge
Decorate Adorn
Photocopier liquid Toner
Sports building Arena
Stockholm’s country Sweden
Saga Tale
Olive product Oil
“Harper Valley ____” Pta
Florida fruit Orange
Green sauce Pesto
Devilish Evil
Bare Nude
Prophet Seer
Travel ____ Agent
Criminal burning Arson
Scam Con
Rembrandt, e.g. Artist
Keaton and Sawyer Dianes
Fatigue Tire
Weeded Hoed
Miscalculates Errs
Barking sounds Arfs
Average grades Cees
Make eyes at Ogle
Informant Rat
Pair Duo
Small pastries Tarts
Spectacle Scene
Week division Day
Ladybug, e.g. Beetle
Religious dissent Heresy
French cap Beret
Maturing Aging
Singer ____ Osmond Marie
Make into law Enact
Misplaces Loses
Is unwell Ails
Small pest Gnat
Musician ____ McEntire Reba
Southern veggie Okra
Recipe unit (abbr.) Tsp
Telecast Air
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