Star Tribune Crossword Answers May 05, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Adult filly Mare
Wise person Sage
Harpoon Spear
Eternally Ever
Utilizes Uses
Midwest airport Ohare
Slangy refusal Nope
Yearn Pine
Short messages Notes
One (Sp.) Uno
Give up Cede
Portable shelter Tent
Startle Scare
Spanish women Senoras
Soak up Absorb
Trim Pare
Appears to be Seems
Kid’s stipend Allowance
Leisure Ease
Category Class
Light ____ Bulb
Sydney’s country Australia
Bush Shrub
Prophetic sign Omen
Rope loops Nooses
Enamored Smitten
Pedro’s father Padre
Roman emperor Nero
Wine valley Napa
Slender pole Rod
Adjust Adapt
Earth Soil
Dismiss Fire
Math proportion Ratio
Song Tune
Paper quantity Ream
Choose by vote Elect
Picnic crashers Ants
Norwegian city Oslo


Waiter’s handout Menu
Stratford-upon-____ Avon
Take back Repossess
Keats’ “before” Ere
Excellent Superb
In reserve Aside
Kelly or Autry Gene
Wind direction (abbr.) Ese
Male descendant Son
Snapshot Photo
Consumer Eater
Sports ring Arena
Takes five Rests
Autos Cars
Tailed celestial body Comet
Chip dip Salsa
Love deity Eros
Fresh New
Yachting Asea
Boyfriend Beau
Ordinary Plain
Director Woody ____ Allen
Detest Abhor
Plant sources Nurseries
Hint for Holmes Clue
Declines Ebbs
Showed up Came
Decay Rot
Pop Soda
Italian seaport Naples
Kind of drum Snare
Military award Medal
Wrathful Irate
Theme Topic
Watercolor, e.g. Paint
Part of speech Noun
Of the mouth Oral
Floor model Demo
Toddler Tot
Amtrak depot (abbr.) Sta
To’s partner Fro
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