Star Tribune Crossword Answers May 07, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Not this That
Catch Snag
Suez or Erie Canal
Give a job to Hire
Similar to Like
Sun-dried brick Adobe
Indistinguishable Identical
Tailed celestial body Comet
Oceanfront Seaside
Accent Stress
Check Restrain
Diva ____ Callas Maria
Hammer or screwdriver Tool
Wrongdoings Sins
Change Amend
Decays Rots
Struggle Vie
Actress ____ Keaton Diane
Batch Lot
Repent Atone
As well And
Spotted Seen
Sheik’s wives Harem
Greatest amount Most
Actress ____ Hayworth Rita
Chasm Abyss
Thinker Reasoner
Evaluators Raters
Radiate Emanate
Perfume Aroma
Proposed as a candidate Nominated
Fodder towers Silos
Lure Bait
Incite Goad
San Diego athlete Padre
Circle segments Arcs
Peppy Spry


The thing here This
Animal skin Hide
Zone Area
Perfect gymnastics scores Tens
Playground fixture Slide
Friendliest Nicest
Alias abbr. Aka
Toothpaste form Gel
Desert plants Cacti
Embellishes Adorns
Alaskan port Nome
Lincoln and Vigoda Abes
Permits Lets
Ranting speeches Tirades
Pepper’s partner Salt
The Raptors’ city Toronto
____ beer Root
Lady’s title Madam
____ acid (nutrient) Amino
Peruses Reads
Tavern Inn
Tusk material Ivory
Baseball teams Nines
Gives the impression Seems
North African Saharan
Hawaiian garlands Leis
Restaurant bill Tab
Memorable periods Eras
Quake Tremor
Lacking iron Anemic
Make disappear Erase
Gives forth Emits
File Rasp
Met solo Aria
Related Told
Pesters Nags
On Atop
Rip apart Tear
Circular current Eddy
Heat’s league (abbr.) Nba
Rowing tool Oar
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