Star Tribune Crossword Answers May 11, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


News story Item
Land parcel Acre
Lassoed Roped
Peace symbol Dove
Christmas carol Noel
Texas landmark Alamo
Observed Eyed
Moral motivation Conscience
Take for granted Assume
Coastal bird Tern
Eternally, in poems Eer
Brother’s sib Sis
Bridal paths Aisles
Appalled Aghast
Slander Libel
Lamb’s lament Baa
Subject Topic
Highway exits Ramps
Jazz great ____ Fitzgerald Ella
Made angry Riled
Animator Disney Walt
Hot sauce Salsa
Fortuneteller’s card Tarot
Hawaiian necklace Lei
Author ____ Asimov Isaac
Distress cry (2 wds.) Ohdear
Assault Assail
____ v. Wade Roe
Bus terminal (abbr.) Sta
Politician ____ Gingrich Newt
Terrific Superb
Manual skill Handicraft
____ code Area
Rock star ____ John Elton
Medicinal plant Aloe
Kids Ribs
Hockey shoe Skate
Chirp Peep
Afternoon parties Teas


Concept Idea
Playthings Toys
Nights before holidays Eves
Snake-haired woman Medusa
Forefather Ancestor
Murmur lovingly Coo
Landlord’s income Rent
Or ____! Else
Mount ____ (Seattle view) Rainier
Madrid cheer Ole
Discussion group Panel
Host Emcee
Active ones Doers
Grouch Crab
Fog Mist
Shredded cabbage Slaw
Lincoln, et al. Abes
Festive occasion Gala
Foyer Hall
Flowering bush Lilac
Froster Icer
Pocket bread Pita
Gender Male
Earnest request Plea
Agitate Stir
Tibet’s locale Asia
Threshold Doorstep
Foolish Asinine
Commandment start Thou
A Baldwin Alec
Go away Depart
Fire residue Ashes
Plant part Stalk
Christmas visitor Santa
Shawl Wrap
Narrative Tale
Albany’s canal Erie
Country singer ____ McEntire Reba
Edible fish Bass
Small spot Dot
Antagonist Foe
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