Star Tribune Crossword Answers November 16, 2022

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Utopian Ideal
Length times width Area
Carousel, e.g. Ride
Juice type Grape
Poet ____ Sandburg Carl
On a cruise Asea
Nutritious Nourishing
Hair soap Shampoo
Newspapers and TV, e.g. Media
Disney World locale Orlando
Comprehend See
Source of answers Oracle
Homer Simpson’s wife Marge
Coffee flavor Mocha
Papa’s mate Mama
Europe’s neighbor Asia
Dunk Immerse
Green gem Emerald
Links gadgets Tees
Lamenting cry Alas
Right ____ Angle
Gypsy’s card Tarot
Appraise Assess
____ Vegas, Nevada Las
Ancestry Lineage
Moved upward Arose
Reduces Lessens
Common antibiotic Penicillin
Tarry Wait
Finger sound Snap
Respond (to) React
Skin woe Acne
Corn spikes Ears
Borders Edges
Those folks Them


Epochs Eras
Plate Dish
Inspiration Idea
Group of players Team
Disregard Ignore
Slobber Drool
____ de toilette Eau
Spring mo. Apr
Hawaiian wreath Lei
Tooth discomfort Ache
Police actions Raids
Bert’s buddy Ernie
Pond growth Algae
Urban air pollution Smog
Arctic Polar
Physicians’ org. Ama
Appoints Names
Pharmacy measure Dram
Leave out Omit
Caesar’s city Rome
Highest point Acme
Trunk Chest
Deserves Earns
Cantaloupe, e.g. Melon
Stuffing herb Sage
Misfortunes Ills
Citrus drinks Ades
Hindu dress Sari
Alleviates Eases
Broke bread Ate
Actor ____ Guinness Alec
Spys Agents
Expire Lapse
Amphitheater Arena
Sub finder Sonar
Rocker ____ Cooper Alice
Small tastes Sips
Smack Swat
Apiece Each
On cloud ____ Nine
Flower part Stem
Fury Ire
Commanded Led
Dawdle Lag
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