Star Tribune Crossword Answers November 19, 2023

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Border Edge
Fizzy beverage Soda
Ascend Arise
Beach toy Pail
Infant’s bed Crib
Goes by bus Rides
Afflictions Ills
Dollar bills Ones
Makes level Evens
Engaged in festivities Celebrated
Relaxation Ease
Nevertheless Yet
Prickly plants Nettles
Love, in Florence Amore
Door sign Enter
Father Papa
Creepiness Eeriness
Legislate Enact
Witness See
“Ave ____” Maria
Set free Released
Early video game Pong
Pursue Chase
Old-fashioned Passe
Festive candy containers Pinatas
Caustic substance Lye
Comedian Sandler Adam
San Francisco bridge (2 wds.) Goldengate
Florida seaport Tampa
Negatives Noes
Keen Avid
Egg exterior Shell
Land parcel Acre
____ wolf Lone
Swiss song Yodel
Defeat Loss
Graceful bird Swan


Heroic Epic
Valley Dale
Fish feature Gill
Ultimatum word Else
Tally Score
Elaborate Ornate
Food regimen Diet
No-show Absentee
Right you ____! Are
Metal bolt Rivet
Utopian Ideal
Perceive Sense
Some curves Esses
So long! Bye
Forest creature Deer
Physically fit Trim
Impersonator Aper
Horse’s hair Mane
Colorful gem Opal
Track event Race
Requires Needs
Wine valley Napa
Greek Cupid Eros
Misdeeds Sins
Wise Sage
Diplomacy Tact
Not year-round Seasonal
Kind of carpet Shag
Church leaders Elders
Animal enclosure Pen
Sucker Patsy
Boise’s state Idaho
Appointed Named
Sufficient Ample
Positive answers Yeses
Loony Loco
Guys’ dates Gals
Attest Avow
Singer ____ Turner Tina
Adam’s garden Eden
“____ That Jazz” All
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