Star Tribune Crossword Answers November 22, 2023

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Questions Asks
____ Moore of “Ghost” Demi
Revolutionary ____ Allen Ethan
Fender-bender result Dent
Mideast country Iran
Loop of rope Noose
Antlered animal Deer
Cotton machines Gins
Comic ____ O’Donnell Rosie
Most rapid Speediest
Church table Altar
Devour Eat
Quiche ingredient Egg
Unpleasant Nasty
Wowed Impressed
Bride’s response (2 wds.) Ido
Preserve Save
Guarantee Assure
Sisters Nuns
Rent again Relet
Electrical cord Wire
Go by Elapse
Change for a five Ones
Male turkey Tom
Exerting great effort Straining
Looks closely Peers
Father Dad
Bolted Ran
Savor Taste
Lack of knowledge Ignorance
Garret Attic
Toast spread Oleo
Benefit Boon
Australian “bear” Koala
Printed words Text
Guide Lead
Live coal Ember
Movie backdrops Sets
Building extensions Ells


Does sums Adds
Soak through Seep
Leg hinge Knee
Avenue Street
Finger, e.g. Digit
New York’s canal Erie
Supplies workers Mans
Foot arch Instep
Angers Enrages
Handyman’s need Tool
Emcee Host
Tibet’s locale Asia
At no time, poetically Neer
“____ of Our Lives” Days
Shred cheese Grate
Baseball teams Nines
Mature Adult
Radar’s kin Sonar
____ had it! Ive
Honeydew, e.g. Melon
Vane dir. Ssw
Group of rooms Suite
Blooper Error
Judges Deems
Fight site Arena
Health club Spa
Part of the UK Eng
Motorcycle adjunct Sidecar
Mast Spar
Blockheads Idiots
Empower Enable
Sources Roots
Capture Take
Molecule component Atom
Guess Stab
Flooring square Tile
Happiness Glee
Ensuing Next
Christmas song Noel
Brat’s stocking stuffer Coal
Stops Ends
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