Star Tribune Crossword Answers October 05, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Smaller amount Less
Prayer ending Amen
Epsom ____ Salts
Original thought Idea
Unfurnished Bare
One more time Again
River sediment Silt
Single thing Unit
Heavenly food Manna
Second largest ocean Atlantic
Bakery worker Icer
Space agency (abbr.) Nasa
Beijing natives Chinese
Bit of parsley Sprig
Pet Caress
Baldwin or Guinness Alec
Predict Foretell
Moved swiftly Ran
Oval Ellipse
Mexican waterway Rio
____ decorator Interior
Is sick Ails
Frontiersman ____ Boone Daniel
Follows orders Obeys
Lends a hand Assists
Slithery swimmers Eels
Guess Stab
Less chewy Tenderer
Dinette piece Table
Red wine Port
Certain star Nova
Actress ____ Barkin Ellen
Wide-spouted pitcher Ewer
Paper holder Clip
Della ____ of “Touched by an Angel” Reese
Singer ____ Williams Andy
House additions Ells


“Mona ____” Lisa
Correct copy Edit
Peddle Sell
Devilish Satanic
Borders on Abuts
Madman Maniac
Rock’s ____ Clapton Eric
Butterfly catcher Net
“Cheers” bartender Sam
Opposed to Against
Jousting weapon Lance
Prongs Tines
Catch Snare
Scold constantly Nag
Harvest Crop
That girl’s Hers
Understood! (2 wds.) Isee
Delhi dress Sari
Outline Plan
Apartment expense Rent
Burning Afire
Buffalo’s canal Erie
Easter flower Lily
Profit and ____ Loss
Important times Eras
Pocket fluff Lint
Reporter ____ Lane Lois
Foodstuffs Edibles
Lack Absence
Ogled Leered
Elderly Old
Autumn bloom Aster
Like old bread Stale
Expensive fur Sable
Vestibule Entry
Small city Town
Bakery item Roll
Demonic Evil
Sharp blows Raps
Opposite of WSW Ene
Garden vegetable Pea
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