Star Tribune Crossword Answers October 08, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Pennant Flag
Red ____ (fighter pilot) Baron
Shower Rain
____ pudding Rice
____ acid (nutrient) Amino
Television award Emmy
British nobleman Earl
Passover meal Seder
Aim Goal
Giving medical aid to Treating
Freight Cargo
“Gone with ____ Wind” The
Wheel count on a semi Eighteen
Newswoman ____ Shriver Maria
Narrow cut Slit
Sarcastic Ironic
Menu term (3 wds.) Alacarte
Zodiac lion Leo
Measuring device Ruler
Poetic twilight Een
Tardiness Lateness
Leveled Evened
Love excessively Dote
Tiny particles Atoms
Simplicity Easiness
Compass pt. Sse
Mud brick Adobe
Neverland resident (2 wds.) Peterpan
Turnpike charge Toll
Adversary Enemy
Pleasing Nice
Cleveland’s lake Erie
Forest path Trail
Malt drinks Ales
Nail polish shades Reds
____ blanche Carte
“____ we forget” Lest


Brood Fret
Pinocchio, e.g. Liar
Farm measure Acre
Molded dessert Gelatin
Count ____ of jazz Basie
Prayer close Amen
Blue ____ Mountains Ridge
First in a series One
Likewise not Nor
Yacht race Regatta
Love (Ital.) Amore
Likeness Image
Hosiery material Nylon
Bangkok native Thai
Stylish Chic
Capri or Man Isle
Blinding light Glare
Grinding machine Mill
Neighborhood Area
____ beer Root
Mediterranean island Crete
Gore and Roker Als
Nevada resort Reno
Abound Teem
Stops Ends
Employs Uses
Foodstuffs Edibles
Zilch None
Urn Vase
Perpetual Eternal
Diner Eater
Cherish Adore
Compact Solid
Harpoon Spear
Current fashion Style
Give off Emit
Mound Pile
Experts Aces
Bird’s home Nest
List-ending abbr. Etc
Gun rights group (abbr.) Nra
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