Star Tribune Crossword Answers October 10, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Neck parts Napes
Is mistaken Errs
Female voice Alto
Obliterate Erase
Chess piece Rook
Mortgage Loan
Concise Terse
Act of shunning Avoidance
Discount event Sale
Utilizes Uses
Assists a crook Abets
Country lodgings Inns
Salad fish Tuna
Ocean beach Seacoast
____ Anderson of “Baywatch” Pamela
More docile Tamer
Heavenly headwear Halo
Stratford-on-____ Avon
Rd. Ave
Actress ____ Hayes Helen
Eighth mo. Aug
Cowboy ____ Autry Gene
Lyric poems Odes
Nervous Tense
Tycoon’s property Estate
More peculiar Stranger
Remainder Rest
Toledo’s lake Erie
Embossed emblems Seals
Invitation abbr. Rsvp
Delighted Glad
Mediate Arbitrate
____ acid (nutrient) Amino
Work up Rile
Fruit drinks Ades
Test for flavor Taste
Froster Icer
Politician ____ Gingrich Newt
Fall bloom Aster


Butterfly catchers Nets
Neighborhood Area
Legislature, in the UK Parliament
Perfume Essence
Visualize See
Ages Eras
Wander Rove
Bird’s perch Roost
Snow runner Ski
Mobile’s state Alabama
Unescorted Lone
Poise Tact
Till bills Ones
Comic ____ Carvey Dana
Can.’s neighbor Usa
Neither’s mate Nor
On top of Upon
Phase Stage
Roof overhangs Eaves
Storage building Shed
Yarns Tales
Billy Graham, e.g. Evangelist
Certain parasite Louse
Enrage Anger
“____ we forget” Lest
Gardening tools Hoes
Sooner Earlier
Roofing goo Tar
Mysteries Enigmas
Experiment Test
D.C. VIP Rep
Barter Trade
Mumbai dress Sari
Clapton or Idle Eric
Fit Able
Fret Stew
Suit part Vest
Penny ____ Ante
Performer Doer
Jogged Ran
____ moment’s notice (2 wds.) Ata
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