Star Tribune Crossword Answers October 14, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Vietnam’s continent Asia
“The Lion King” villain Scar
Writing tables Desks
Water barriers Dams
Confederate Ally
____ Banks of baseball Ernie
Turn into gas Evaporate
Box Crate
Wooden nail Peg
Chauffeured car Limo
Las Vegas bride, often Eloper
Tire pattern Tread
Practice boxing Spar
Spy org. Cia
Bustle Stir
Watery expanse Sea
Overjoyed Elated
Neverland resident (2 wds.) Peterpan
Part Role
Texas landmark Alamo
Sunrise location East
Educational Academic
Untidy conditions Messes
Distress letters Sos
Lion’s hair Mane
Adam’s partner Eve
Kitchen basin Sink
Book of maps Atlas
Climb Ascent
Proceed slowly Plod
Frequently, to Keats Oft
Skate runner Blade
Initiate a criminal trial Prosecute
Sophia ____ Loren
Implement Tool
Consumer User
Reviewer Roger ____ Ebert
Military supplies Ammo
Coastal bird Tern


Highly skilled Adept
Piggy bank user Saver
Appearance Image
Venomous viper Asp
Mumbai attire Sari
____ chowder Clam
Singing voice Alto
Deli bread Rye
State Declare
Blooper Error
Easy task Snap
High-flying toy Kite
Prophet Seer
Classic song Oldie
Typical example Epitome
Performed Acted
Flower stalk Stem
Uncompromising Adamant
Room Space
Mineral springs Spas
Alleviate Ease
Picnic intruders Ants
Significant times Eras
Insane Loco
Cry of sorrow Alas
Bowler’s button Reset
Connect Link
Distinguished Eminent
Elude Evade
Passover feast Seder
Certain parasite Louse
Following After
Howard ____ of radio Stern
Ready, willing, and ____ Able
Untidy person Slob
Feel concern Care
Seniors’ dance Prom
Weaving device Loom
Norway’s capital Oslo
School org. Pta
Snip Cut
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