Star Tribune Crossword Answers September 08, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Lassoed Roped
Get together Meet
File Rasp
Use jointly Share
Inspiration Idea
Choir voice Alto
Kind of infection Viral
Plant sources Nurseries
“The Raven” poet Poe
Long, narrative poem Epic
Looks disdainfully Sneers
____ loss (2 wds.) Ata
Served perfectly Aced
Wind dir. Nne
Make less tight Loosen
Fables Tales
Irritates Irks
Think Deem
Large artery Aorta
Matrimonial Marital
Sooner Earlier
Nonchalant Blase
Above Atop
A Baldwin brother Alec
Savor Taste
Admittance Access
Lard Fat
Goblet part Stem
Future fish Roe
Blackboard cleaner Eraser
Flat bread Pita
Astonish Awe
Designed again Remodeled
Settle a debt Repay
Over again Anew
Royal title Sire
Nappy leather Suede
Boys Lads
Oceans Seas
Made mistakes Erred


Invitation inits. Rsvp
Toledo’s state Ohio
Whittle down Pare
Gay Nineties, e.g. Era
Eliminate Delete
Skirt length Mini
Instruct Educate
Poet’s always Eer
Loafer ornament Tassel
Burger order Rare
Foreigner Alien
Strict Stern
Sheriff’s group Posse
Make beloved Endear
Chinese “bear” Panda
Aid Assist
Engraved gem Cameo
Tree branch Limb
Of the mouth Oral
Soup vegetable Okra
Consolation Solace
Make joyous Elate
Stir up Rile
Casual tops Tees
Circle parts Arcs
Poked fun at Teased
Into pieces Apart
Type of paint Tempera
Tension Stress
Not fine Coarse
Untamed Feral
Sports site Arena
Made docile Tamed
Female pigs Sows
March date Ides
Imitator Aper
Walk in water Wade
Gazed upon Eyed
Fabrication Lie
Belgium’s cont. Eur
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